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Applying for Turkish Citizenship

9th May 2016

We all know that applying for a Turkish Residence Permit can be a painful and beaurocratic process, therefore you may want to consider the possibility of becoming a Turkish Citizen.

In order for a non Turkish citizen to apply for Turkish Nationality the subject must fall under one of the following categories :

- Consecutively been granted a residence permit for 5 years, in other words they must have resided in Turkey for 5 years.

- Subject must be married to turkish citizen for 3 years.

- The subject must have been born to Turkish parents/s holding Turkish citizenship

Please note * There are different criteria depending on what grounds the subject is applying on, but in general the following is required:

- A VAT/3 form must be completed at the Nüfüs Müdürlüğü.

We will advise and assist on the subject collating the following:

- Proof of current nationality with documentation such as passport
- Birth certificate + if married, marriage certificate. If divorced, decree absolute. If partner is deceased, death certificate
- Must be financially independent with reasonably good income. If owns company then all the details of the company
- Crime Report
- Medical report to show that they do not have any diseases which will be a threat to the public health
- Must not be a threat to national security
- The subject must be able to demonstrate a reasonable command of Turkish
- The subjects behaviour must show they want to be Turkish , i.e. they have invested in Turkey

Once you become a Turkish citizen you will be treated like any other Turkish citizen with a TC kimlik. Therefore you will have access to all social funds available, and be entitled to access the social security system.

Some of you may have reservations in relation to military service. If a male is of military age (21-38) then he will be required to complete his military service unless he can produce evidence of completing national service in his country of origin. A male over the age of 38 will not be required to complete military service.

Turkish citizenship will make living in Turkey a smoother experience, and allow you to concentrate on enjoying your life here.

If you would like us to assist you in becoming a Turkish citizen please contact us at


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