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Turkish Citizenship vs Long Term Residency - Which is the better option ?

13th May 2016

Right lets first establish whether you gained rights of application for either or both;
For Turkish citizenships there are 3 grounds for application;
Marriage to a Turkish citizen, 5 years residency in Turkey, and if you have adopted a Turkish child. (*criteria must be met for each application)
In comparison, to apply for a long term residency permit (LTRP) you must have resided in turkey for at least 8 years. And with out any 'interruptions' in the previous 5 years. See more info here.
We want to concentrate today on those of you who qualify for both. We want to help you weigh out the pros's and con's of each when deciding whether to apply for TC citizenship once and for all.
We have covered the main criteria for both above. Now we want to help you understand what each will mean to you.

Long Term Residence Permit

A LTRP will mean you can reside in Turkey for an unlimited period.

Once granted, you will no longer have to go through the Residence Permit process, and the application is less time consuming compared to the TC process. However, please note; the government still retains the right to be able to withdraw this permit. For example; Your long term residency permit may be cancelled if you stay outside  of Turkey uninterruptedly for more than 12 months with the exception of  1) health 2) study.


You do not need to speak Turkish to obtain a LTRP
- You never need to apply for a residence perrmit again (*Conditons apply)
- You will find the application process is easier when compared to the TC process
- You do not need to pay any taxes when applying (only a 58.50 Tl charge for the permit card)
- You are except from military service


- No Working rights
- No right to vote
- No Exemption from customs duties when importing vehicles
- You can not stay out of Turkey continuously for more than one year (for reasons other than health, education and compulsory public service in his/her country.)

You will not be entitled to any social security or a Turkish pension. You will still need a "yabanci number" which will always identify you as a yabanci. Do you still want this hassle? There could be another way....

Turkish Citizenship
TC Citizenship could make your life in turkey just that little bit easier! You will have your own TC number and TC ID card which could be whipped out every time you need to carry out any sort of transaction. You will be able benefit from social security just like any other Turkish person.

You will be able to qualify for a Turkish pension. Becoming a citizen also qualifies you for a Turkish passport which means there will be even more *visa free countries you can visit.

You will have free entry to some touristic sites. Most importantly for some of you, you will lose the yabanci tag.

Turkey allows for dual citizenship, therefore so long as your currently country of nationality also allows for this you can keep both nationalities. of course, there be be some draw backs depending on your perspective. The application process is more demanding. When you become a Turkish national you will lose the protection of your foreign embassy. If you are male between the ages of 21-38 then you may be required to carry out military service if you have not done so in your country of origin.


Working Rights & Voting rights
- Turkish Pension 
- Easy access to banking products
- Mobile line contract
- Free entry into some touristic attractions eg. Galata tower


- Military service for men between the ages of 21-38
- No Embassy Protection
- Must speak Turkish (may be difficult for some)

- Private Health Insurance VS SGK

- Turkey VS Spain - Battle of the Beach

TC vs LTRP - So which is better ?All in all we think becoming a Turkish national could make your life in `turkey just so much easier. The benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks by far.
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