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Which Nationalities have the most expensive (and cheapest) Residence Permit Charges ?

16th May 2016

Which Nationalities have the most expensive (& cheapest) Residence Permit Charges in Turkey ?

Have you ever wondered which countries pay the most for their Residence Permit taxes? Or which country have the cheapest fees to be paid? (And of course who pays nothing at all!!!)

So, just for your curiosity we have created a list of the most expensive and cheapest Turkish Residence Permit fees by Nationality. Enjoy!

Please note; The 'Fee' is Govt. Tax applied to each permit application and is calculated according to Nationality.
Prices listed below are based on a 12 month Residence Permit, However, Residence permits can be granted for any period up to 1 year.
Contact YellAli for more information.

Citizens of Norway, Serbia, Fiji or Chile pay an Eye-watering 1,100.17 TL in fees per year. (12 month permit) And that doesn't even include the 58.50TL permit card fee. Ouch! (Approx. 500 USD)

Those from the UK, USA, Holland, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, Pakistan and many other countries, pay approx. 80 USD per year. (+58.50TL)

Citizens of Israel, Albania, Japan & Cambodia pay just 56 USD per year. (+58.50TL)

It's not a bad deal for those citizens from Jordan, Singapore or Spain at only 39 USD per year. (+58.50TL)

For Russians, Ethiopians and those from Hong Kong; the price is a mere 25 USD per year. (25 USD) (+58.50TL)

Those from Egypt, Iraq, or Ivory Coast pay only 11 USD per year (+58.50TL)

If you are the lucky owner of an Irish, Czech or TR of Northern Cyprus, passport, sit back and smile, as your cost per year is "0". ZERO. However, you may have to dig deep in your wallets to pay that extra 58.50 TL fee for your permit card.

If you are a German Citizen who is married to a Turkish National, the Govt. fee doesn't apply to you either. (with the exception of the 58.50TL)

The Residence Permit tax is of course only one part of your expense, And other costs to consider include;
Mandatory Turkish Health Insurance, Notary fees, *Single entry fee or a *Consultancy fee. (if you choose to engage professional assistance with your permit)

Please note; All Prices listed are approximate amounts and are subject to change. For More information please see here or Contact us.

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