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Expat Challenges - Using The Internet

28th May 2016

Turkey has 35 million active users on the internet and one thing expats and foreigners are going to want to know is if they can still use their favourite sites.

Getting the Internet

The internet is available in a variety of ways and from a variety of providers in Turkey, so expats will have plenty of options and choices available to them. Both dial up and the more popular and common ADSL style connections are available and there’s also a variety of speeds and services available.

Not every provider will cover every area of Turkey so play close attention to that when searching for an internet provider. Türk Telekom also known as TTNET is currently the largest internet service provider in Turkey and is a good place for expats new to Turkey to start.

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What can I Access?

You might have heard rumours that many websites such as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or discussion forums like Reddit are banned in Turkey, this isn’t true. Many if not all of the site you are used to using will still be available to you in Turkey.

However one thing foreigners in Turkey might not be used to is the way many popular sites like YouTube and Twitter to name just a few are censored. In 2014 the Turkish government passed a law that allowed them to block entire websites with a court order. These sites are usually only blocked for a short period of time in Turkey although there are ways around this.

Avoiding the Blocks

Unsurprisingly it didn’t take long for tech savvy Turks and expats to get around these blocks so even when these rare blocks do happen with a little tech work you can easily get around them. One of the most popular and common ways is using a VPN a VPN is a virtual private network which will mask your IPN and make it appear like you are elsewhere in the world.

VPN’s are popular all around the world and many people use them to access sites that are usually restricted to one country or access other countries versions of streaming sites. VPN’s are available in a variety of forms and prices and a useful tool for getting around blocks.

Disclaimer - This article is not an endorsement of VPN’s and as such we do not take any liability for any damage or loss that may occur.

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Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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