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Know the Law: Converting your Foreign License to a Turkish Drivers License

30th May 2016

Getting a Turkish driving license.

Do I even need A Turkish License?

The simple answer is YES you do need a Turkish Driving License. The new law came into effect on January 1st 2016 stating that a foreign driving license can only legally allow you to drive for 6 months from your arrival date in Turkey. If you wish to drive after that time then you must get your license converted into a Turkish driving license.

This rule only applies to certain countries like the UK, Germany and France for example and if you’re from a country which isn’t a member of the Convention on Road Traffic then your license won’t be able to be converted and you will instead have to retake your test. 

No Thank you, I want to keep my Foreign Driving License -

If you stay in Turkey for at least 6 months and then leave only to return at a later date your 6-month time limit will have effectively reset. Meaning you’ll be allowed to drive using your foreign license once again and won’t have to go through the conversion process.

! CONSIDER ! if you intend to make Turkey your new country of residence then converting your license is going to be more beneficial.

 Also is your Foreign Driving License Still Valid ?

Your Foreign Driving License may have already expired?

You should also consider your home countries licenses date of expiration as well after all it’s still ticking away even while you’re in another country. Even if you do return from time to time you may find your license is no longer valid if you’ve remained in Turkey for too long. So it might be easier just to convert your license at the first available opportunity.

What Happens If I Fail To Convert My License?

After the 6 month period is over your license becomes invalid if you are then caught driving with it you will be fined 343TL and your license will be confiscated and returned to its issuing body. An invalid license will also not be accepted at car rental outlets either.

I want a Turkish License, but I can’t obtain my Education Certificate?

This is problem affecting many foreigners in Turkey; however, this document is required for converting your license. You may speak to your countries exam board or get in touch with YellAli to see how we may assist you.

How Do I Convert My License or apply for a New Turkish Driving License?

Converting your driving license to a valid Turkish one may be difficult for some foreigners, and at YellAli we can provide all the help and assistance you need with our very own Driver’s License Conversion service.  Let’s discuss your options. Contact us.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team


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