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Metro Turizm Pervert Highlights safety concerns for Women in Turkey

2nd June 2016

So we all heard about the "Metro Bus" incident last week...

Metro Turizm one of Turkey’s largest bus companies was rocked when a bus assistant was caught performing an obscene act on a young female passenger. Shockingly the man is believed to have told bosses from Metro Turizm that: “I was tempted and I did it”

The man was later questioned by authorities but was released without charge although Metro Turizm did release a statement saying the man had been fired from his position and they described the man’s behaviour as “unacceptable”.

Social media was quick to respond to the news with #SapıkMetroKapatılsın trending on Twitter which when translated means shut down pervert Metro. A protested also took place outside Metro Turizm’s office. You can read more about the incident here.

UPDATE:  A prosecutor has demanded between 3.5 and 11.5 years in jail for a bus assistant who allegedly masturbated onto a female passenger on a bus traveling from Muğla to Istanbul last month. Read More Here.

Public Outcry

The incident aboard the Metro Turizm bus is certainly a shocking incident, but not something that happens often.

The public outcry over the incident and the overwhelming support for the victim also shows how the Turkish public view such incidents and the swift actions by Metro Turizm in firing the man responsible show that Turkish businesses take a very strong and immediate approach to such behaviour.

Women’s Safety In Turkey

It’s natural to be a bit worried about your safety in Turkey after such an incident but foreign women in Turkey are in general safe. Women in society are going to be more at risk of crime or harassment than men no matter whereabouts in the world they are but overall women travelling through or holidaying in Turkey are still very safe. Although we advise foreign women (and men) travelling alone to take certain safety precautions when possible. These include things such as:

 Researching your destination beforehand, especially if it’s a remote place.

 Don’t accept drinks from strangers.

 Only using license taxis.

 Always check reviews before booking a hotel.

 Keep your handbag closed and close to you when moving about.

 If you need help with directions ect ask another women if possible.

 If you ever feel uncomfortable then be firm and walk away.

 Try to make sure your mobile is fully charged and make sure you add emergency numbers.

 Traveling to and from an airport/ trains station should be something you should try and book in advance from a reputable company like Secure Drive Airport Transfers for example, don’t just jump in the first taxi you see.

The risks are minimal but it’s always best to keep your wits about you just in case, it’s not a reflection of Turkey as the above is something many people will do even in their own home town or country because it’s always better to be safe.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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