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8 Reasons to become a Turkish Citizen

7th June 2016

Living in Turkey is a dream for many after all that’s why many people move to Turkey every year. But becoming a Turkish Citizen is different from just having a Turkish Residence Permit, so let’s look at why becoming a Turkish citizen can be the better choice.

Working Rights

Becoming a TC gives you working rights, the same as a Turkish National. Therefore if you want to be employed in Turkey, and without the hassle of applying for a Work Permit, becoming a Turkish citizen is your best option.

Getting a Turkish Pension

If you become a Turkish citizen will you be able to qualify for a Turkish pension.

You can Vote

If you want to 'Have your Say' then becoming a Turkish citizen is the best option for you. Because with it you earn the right to vote in Turkish elections.

You can Come and Go as You Please

You will have more flexibility to come and go as you please for long periods of time.

You’ll Be Able To Learn A New Language

Now you might consider this a negative but because having the ability to speak Turkish is a requirement of qualifying for Turkish citizenship so it give you the perfect excuse to learn a new language. This will not only give you a brand new and useful skill it will also allow you to get more out of Turkey.

Free Entry To Tourist Spots

Another great reason for Turkish citizenship is that you’ll get free entry into a variety of Turkish tourist attractions like the Galata Tower. So you can visit many of the wonders of Turkey without having to pay!

You Can Get A Turkish Passport

If you apply and succeed in getting Turkish citizenship you’ll also be able to get a Turkish passport which will allow you to travel to a variety of other countries *including a number of visa-free countries. Now, this may not appeal to many European Passport holders, but for many Middle- East and African countries, this will be welcomed.

It’s Dual Citizenship

Turkey does allow dual citizenship so you can become a citizen of both countries. Of course this only applies if your home country also allows dual citizenship.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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