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Why you Shouldn't Holiday in Turkey or even live there!

9th June 2016

Well it looks like the party is over and we know when we’re beat so let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t holiday in Turkey or even become a resident in Turkey.

We’ve taken a good look at the many possible reasons and picked the best ones just for you.

There’s Terrorism to Think About

I mean we read about it the completely unbiased newspapers all the time and there’s been those recent attacks right. Well there’s been attacks all around the world I know but still there’s been some in Turkey as well. And while the UK government’s own official agency is saying Turkey is still safe and it’s a huge place I think it’s better if I just stay in my house for now.

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Beaches Are Boring

I mean it’s just the sand and sea am I right? Who needs those, who really cares if some of Turkey’s beaches are officially recognised as some of the best in the world? I certainly don’t and while they might supposedly be relaxing and fun for all ages I just think they’re dull.

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Too Much Sun

People are happiest out in the sun they say but really is that true? Does exploring ancient ruins and famous landmarks in a blissful warm sunshine sound all the fun? And before you say it yes Turkey does have a winter and even some (apparently) well-loved winter sports resorts and even some snow but I’ am pretty sure that’s mostly artificial stuff.

Everything Is Old

Ancient ruin sites this and ancient ruin sites that, sure they might be wondrous links to the past and offer a unique opportunity to see the wonders of ages gone by up close. But the important point is just that they are so old and well old stuff just isn’t that great right?

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I Have to Wear a Burqa

Well I mean I’ am pretty sure I do, don’t I? Those women on the beach weren’t and Turkey is not an Islamic country but still my friend of a friend’s mothers sister told me in passing that I did so I’ am pretty sure I’ am right.

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There’s no Expats

Plenty of expats have moved to Turkey or so they say, I mean while there’s plenty of expat Facebook groups and even some events for expats run through InterNations that man I passed on my last holiday had far too good of tan to be from the UK like he claimed so I don’t think there really are any expats in Turkey.

Turkish Food

While it might be traditional and come in a huge range of different styles and tastes to suit every individual I think I’d rather just have a McDonalds. After all it’s not like this famous well-loved Turkish tradition could really be a better choice than a Big Mac could it?

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The People are To Friendly

The Turkish people have a reputation for being very friendly and welcoming whether it’s Turks or members of these supposed expat communities. But really people who are to friendly are just suspicious it’s not like they can be as nice as their reputation suggests.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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Comments (1)

Harry Miller

9th June 2016 I'm an American who has lived in the eastern central part of Turkey for over five years. In addition to being the only American resident in this parts, I have the distinction (such as it is) of being the only American motorcyclist. Over the past four years I have traveled over 27,000km to parts of Turkey that never show up in tour books. I agree with you, the beaches are boring, I don't go to them. I look specifically on my map for twisted, curving roads, not the most direct routes. I also look for obscure historical sites. When you get off the beaten path you discover a truly beautiful country. Visiting ancient cities gives even more depth and character to the Turkey that I camp in. Riding up to a village in the mountains is like discovering a whole new world. I admit the novelty of being an American on a motorcycle is alway good for at least some tea and sometime snacks and even dinner invites. You will never see a country from a five-star hotel. Turkish drivers are bat-shit crazy and I can never forget that while riding. As beautiful as an area may be, I have to keep alert as at every turn, town, or corner there may be a cow, dog or sheep in the way. Old men in villages like to stand in the middle of the road to talk to their friends as well. Now all this being said, I have only one major complaint about the Turks generally; The trash is awful and everywhere. Environmental awareness is almost non-existent and beautiful pristine areas are defaced by never ending trash. I wish the Turks respected their country as much as I do. Cheers!

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