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Good News For Sellers and Merchants - Top Alternatives To PayPal - Turkey

13th June 2016

The news that PayPal are suspending operations in Turkey from the 6 th June was a brutal blow to 

merchants all around Turkey.

Thankfully though there’s a range of other services available that work

in a similar manner to PayPal so you do have other alternatives available to you.

So let’s take a look at some PayPal alternatives in more detail.

Shopify: Shopify is used globally by many sellers and merchants all around the globe and allows you

to have much more control over your selling. While you have the option to set up an online shop

using Shopify you can also automatically sync it to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Google Wallet: Once known as Google Checkout the Google Wallet system works very similarly to

PayPal and allows you to make quick transfers between your bank account. You can also use your

credit card through Google Wallet and create and send invoices.

Skrill: Once known as Moneybookers Skrill works in a similar manner to PayPal and allows for quick

and easy international transfers between accounts. This includes transfers to debit and credit cards

and a variety of other features like text message alerts.

Intuit: Ideal for small businesses and a quick and simple way for you to pay employees Intuit also

allows you to access payments online and even help calculate taxes. While it might not be the best

choice for sole merchants without staff it would be an ideal choice for small to large businesses.

ProPay: ProPay works in a similar manner to PayPal and is even an officially accepted payment

method for eBay. You can also send international payments all around the world and there’s also a

companion credit/debit card reader you can use alongside the website.

Dwolla: Dwolla works in a similar manner to PayPal and is ideal for both small business use and

merchants working on their own. Dwolla also as a wide range of branded capabilities so you can

send, receive and request funds for free. There’s also a wide selection of premium services available 

for a small monthly fee.

Braintree: Braintree is relatively new in the ecommerce market and has been growing steadily from 2007. The platform features include a recurring billing and credit card storage system and it can be

used globally and through mobile businesses as well. It’s also compatible with PayPal, Bitcoin, Apple

Pay, Android Pay and many more other sites.

Click Bank: Click Bank offers a huge range of features and is used globally, it works in a similar

manner to PayPal but offers even more features and can even help you set up an online store for

 your products and business.

And that’s just some of the alternatives on offer there’s many more to choose from. (we also hear 'payoneer' is a good alternative) So while PayPal’ s

decision is unfortunate try and see the bright side. Because now you have a new opportunity to find

a new and potentially better commerce system for your site / store..

Have you used any of the above alternatives? We would like to hear your feedback on how good they are... please submit your comments

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

Turkish Residence Permit


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19th June 2016 Hmmm - the sites I have tried to register with up all seem to want a US residence - one seems to have be owned by PayPal!
I need an alternative to PayPal - if anyone has tried any of these alternatives, I would love to hear which one(s) you are able to access and which one(s) you are happy with, if it is not too early to tell! Thank you!

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