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Turkish Citizenship - Becoming a TC and choosing a Turkish Name

20th June 2016

So your'e thinking of becoming a Turkish Citizen? You may already be thinking about a Turkish name you may like to adopt ?

We thought it would be fun to list the most popular names in Turkey.

Here is the list of the most common and popular names given to boys and girls in the last 10 years, according to data collected from the first to the Directorate of Population ...

Popular Boys Names

Emir, Yağız, Ege, Çağan, Sarp, Kerem, Deniz, Kağan,

Mert, Görkem Burak, Meriç, Berke, Efe, Doruk, Bartu,

Emirhan, Alp, Cem, Yiğit, Emre, Kutay, Tuna, Baran,

Arhan, Canberk, Dağhan, Bora, Rüzgâr, Derin, Toprak,

Arın, Aşkın, Çınar, Koray, Barlas, Ada, Atakan, Berk,

Polat, Serhan, Utku, Berkay, Onur, Çağlar, Can, Tuğra, Şah, Göktürk, Ali. (our Favourite)

Popular Girls Names

Talya, Zeynep, Ela, Duru, Yaren, Ceren, Ece, Melis, Naz, Su, Berra, Ecem, Sena, İrem, Alara, Azra, Dilay, İdil, Eylül,

İpek, Yağmur, Lara, Derin, Ilgın, Havin, Nilsu, Kayra, İlkin, Tuana, Beril, İlgi, Simay, Mira, Beren, Pelin, Yazmira, Bade,

Selin, Simge, Rana, Şimal, Damla, Melike, Pınar, Başak, İlayda, Minel, Alara, Arzum, Aleyna

Please note; In some districts it is NOT mandatory to choose a Turkish Name. You may use your own name.

Becoming a Turkish Citizen Overall:-

In order for a non Turkish citizen to apply for Turkish Nationality the subject must fall under one of the following categories :

- Consecutively been granted a residence permit for 5 years, in other words they must have resided in Turkey for 5 years.

- Subject must be married to turkish citizen for 3 years.

- The subject must have been born to Turkish parents/s holding Turkish citizenship

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Turkish Residence Permit


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22nd November 2016 It's not compulsory though or is it?


22nd November 2016 Oops I didn't correctly read your comments - what do you mean by "some districts"? Surely it's universal. İstanbul for example - compulsory or no?

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