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Stay Hydrated This Summer – Turkish Drinks To Keep You Cool

30th June 2016

We all love the Turkish sunshine but this gorgeous weather comes with a downside doesn’t it?

The risk of dehydration is very real especially for expats and tourists who are in Turkey for the first time or from countries that simply don’t have the same degree of sun as Turkey.

So let’s take a look at some of Turkey’s best drinks to keep you cool.


This beautiful national drink is made from cold yoghurt mixed with salt and is often served chilled. Ayran is a very refreshing drink and is often served during the summer and while it’s popular around many Middle Eastern countries its birthplace of Turkey is certainly where it’s most popular and it was even served in Turkish McDonalds for a time.


What is made of? Ayran is made from yogurt, salt and most importantly water and is ideal for keeping yourself hydrated and served all around Turkey. Ayran has a unique flavour to it so westerners might be put-off at first but if you do find it to your liking or can get past the taste it’s a great drink to keep yourself hydrated.

Fruit Juices

There’s something special about Turkey’s amazing range of fresh fruit juices from peach nectar to the more traditional orange juice there’s a wide variety of fruity delights available all around Turkey and expats, tourists and Turks alike are sure to love them. They’re ideal for summer and are just the thing to cool you down and relax you during a long summer day.

Fruit juices might not seem all that exciting but there’s some beautiful flavours available in Turkey that you might not have experienced before succulent fresh pomegranate juice for example or fantastic fusion juices like fresh orange and pomegranate or fresh pineapple and pear. You’ll find Turkey’s stunning fresh juices to be much more refreshing and rehydrating than bottle juices and the like and they’re great for all ages as well.

Iced Turkish Coffee

You might not feel like enjoying the classic, rich and decidedly warm fragrance of a Turkish coffee during the summer but how about an iced coffee instead? You might find this refreshing drink in some Turkish coffee shops or restaurants during the summer, but you can also make it quite easily. All you need to do is add ice cubes and some caster sugar to sweeten and serve it in a tall glass.

So if you’re ever relaxing in your hotel/home and feel like a nice refreshing twist on the traditional Turkish coffee why not give it a try. We’ve even picked out a simple and easy recipe and method for you to follow.

Spring and Fizzy Water

Sometimes you just can’t beat the traditional bottled water can you? Bars, restaurants and cafes alike will often have bottled water available. While it might not be the most flavoursome choice available water will more than do the job to keep you refreshed and relaxed during the summer.

And of course there’s always flavoured water available and you might be surprised how many options there are: lemon, cucumber, pineapple, peach and plenty more are all on offer if you want to add that extra dash of flavour. Water is overall the best beverage to keep yourself hydrated so you should always make sure you have a bottle with you especially if you’re going sight-seeing ane aren’t familiar with the area.

What to try and avoid or not drink to much of - Alcohol

We all love a cool bottle of beer now and again or a glass of wine with dinner don’t we? But since alcohol is a diuretic, drinking alcoholic drinks will fill your bladder more quickly and leave you dehydrated. Of you can still enjoy it but in these hot months it’s best to be cautious.

A helpful tip to keep yourself hydrated is to drink a glass of water with each alcohol drink so for every bottle of beer have a glass of water after. That way you can make sure your keep your body hydrated.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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