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Turkish Citizenship - Do you Qualify for TC ?

5th July 2016

Becoming a Turkish Citizen is different from just having a Turkish Residence Permit, as it entitles you to benefits such as; Working Rights, Turkish Pension, the right to Vote, and obtaining a Turkish Passport.

So if you are you considering applying for TC citizenship, what are the grounds on which you can apply ?

Well here is an overall of the Criteria :

- Consecutively been granted a residence or work permit for 5 years, in other words you must have resided in Turkey for a minimum of 5 years. (This excludes any time spent in Turkey as a student.)
- You must be must be married to a Turkish Citizen for 3 years.
- You must have been born to Turkish parents/s holding Turkish citizenship.

There are different criteria depending on what grounds you are applying on. The general jist of it is that you must prove that you want to be Turkish, and your actions must prove this. For example, if you have a property in Turkey, this shows that you like Turkey enough to invest. Speaking basic Turkish is a must if applying based on 5 years residency but not so much for the other two grounds.

Please note: Your Turkish residence permit must be valid throughout your TC application process.

Please note: You are not required by law to adopt a Turkish Name


We at YellAli can guide you through the procedures regardless of which criteria you are applying. We can hold your hand throughout the various stages and follow the process so you don't have to.


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