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Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Property in Istanbul

12th July 2016

Istanbul..... the enchanting city which has made us fall in love with it and then persuaded us to pack our bags and relocate!

We want to make sure your love affair with Istanbul continues, therefore we want to make sure the transition process is a smooth and pleasurable as possible. Please read on.

The Rental System in Turkey

The rental system in Turkey is pretty much unregulated therefore this makes way for rogues and systematic abuse of the system. We want you to know how to avoid the rogues.

Avoid the Rogues

First and foremost we suggest you make yourself a Turkish speaking friend, failing that, finding a good relocation agent. Beware of relocation agents who are cheap because quite often their service will also be cheap.

Research the areas you would like to live in, discuss the areas with your relocation agent. Some areas may seem like a good choice but will transpire not to be so good. Lets not forget that Turkey is still a developing country therefore the type of community in any given area is actually quite an important one when a foreigner is trying to decided where to live.

Finding a Property

Once you have decided which areas you are interested in living you have the jolly old task of finding a property. Once again, it is unfortunate that the rental market is so unregulated. The quality of housing can be extremely disappointing, and sometimes could even be considered inhabitable by European standards. Something else to consider is that Istanbul is on earthquake prone land therefore it is wise to consider the age of the building. Anything built before 1999 will not be subject to the more stringent building regulations post the 1999 earthquake.

When searching for property there are two main websites which you can use;, and is aimed at finding property from owners but of course it is full of real estate agents. Some even pretend they are the owner just to be able to get commission. There are also the "komisyoncular". These people will not charge as much as the agent but still charge you a considerable amount.

The Bad Experiences

Those rogues I mentioned earlier..... a friend of mine recently figured out that her so called realtor was actually her landlord. As the owner of the property he had NO entitlement to commission.

Another friend has had to move homes three times as the realtor she used tends to persuade the landlord to put the flat on the rental market again guaranteeing higher rent, Of course this means more commission for the realtor.

Rental Agreemet

So, your feet are sore from walking up and down the streets of Istanbul looking for your perfect pad, and you find it. Unfortunately in Turkey, the 'emlak' commission is paid by the tenant rather than the owner. The rate is 12% of the annual rent. THIS CAN be negotiated to one months rent if you do not require a receipt.

The tenancy agreement will be prepared in Turkish as this version is the only one recognised by the Turkish courts. It is highly recommended that you demand a translation to one in English to make sure there are no nasties in the agreement. 

There will almost always be a deposit involved, getting this back can sometimes be a challenge, therefore we highly recommend a check-in/check- out process to insure you have documented how the property was before and after you move in.

Professional Support

As I have mentioned, this can be an overwhelming process therefore it could make sense to hire someone who is familiar with the Turkish market who could hold your hand through the process. 

Whatever happens, I am sure you will fall more and more in love with this city as you explore it in more depth. welcome to Istanbul........

If you have any questions or would like assistance in your Relocation process please contact us at or call our Istanbul office on +90 212 3407 685.

- YellAli



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