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Yes You Can Still Holiday In Turkey!

22nd July 2016

The last week has been hectic to say the least in Turkey but that doesn’t mean you still can’t holiday in Turkey and have a calming, relaxing and enjoyable time.

This might sound hard to believe given the recent events but many people are still holidaying and enjoying their time in Turkey.

In fact reports are showing that many tourist resorts particularly in the coastal regions have felt pretty much untouched by the recent events. This is further supported by the UK Foreign Office who have stated that “Coastal resorts don’t appear to be significantly affected at present” by the recent events.

The UK Foreign Office does also still show the majority of Turkey as a “green” country meaning it is generally still safe to travel to. Turkey as a whole is calming and generally returning to normal and even-though it’s still early days yet the majority of people are still out and about even in the big cities of Istanbul and Ankara.

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What you can expect to see on your holiday
You can expect to see shops and restaurants doing business, people enjoy the local sights and soaking up the sun. Flights to and from Turkey are also slowly returning to normal and there’s an increased security presence to ensure the protection of the public.

State of Emergency Announced
On 20 July President Erdogan announced that a state of emergency would be running for three months and so far this as yet to effect the Foreign Offices advice although it’s something anyone planning to visit Turkey should be aware of. So far it’s unknown how great of an affect this will have but you can read more about the state of emergency in this article.

So while it might not exactly be business as usual yet in the big cities things are returning to normal and the always popular coastal regions of Turkey are still enjoying the summer sun and tourist season like nothing has happened.

So you certainly can still enjoy a holiday in Turkey even if you’re travelling to a big city like Istanbul or Ankara. You should remain vigilant and make sure to use your common sense (but this advice to use when you go almost anywhere in the world) but for the most part you’ll be safe, secure and be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

 Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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