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Turkish Summer Foods You Just Have To Try!

24th July 2016

There’s no summer quite like a Turkish summer and with the changing of the seasons comes a changing of menus in Turkish restaurants and cafes. Turkish cuisine offers a huge variety of flavours the summer foods in particular are favourite among many.

So without further ado let’s take a look at some classic Turkish summer foods shall we?

Summer Salads 

This is going to sound like an impossibility to many but yes even children will love Turkey’s famous summer salads. Turkey’s salads can be served on their own or alongside meat of fish and there’s a huge range available. The Shepard’s Salad is a favourite of westerners in particular and features a massive range of ingredients including: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, mint, olives and more.

And that’s just one of the many salads you’ll find available the Aubergine kisir is another traditional Turkish salad that is a favourite of locals and tourists that features a whole range of different spices and ingredients and a yogurt and garlic dressing for that cool refreshing taste.


Fish Dishes

Meat dishes are still quite popular during the summer but you can expect to see more fish on the menu, thankfully Turkish cuisine offers a fantastic and varied array of summer fish dishes so you’ll have plenty of choice. Lightly seasoned grilled sea bass with olive oil is a classic summer dish in Turkey and adored by many so expect to see it on the menu.

Another popular fish dish during the summer is the more delicate and soft flavour offered by the Pandora fish (known as the fish of the summer) that’s traditionally served with minimal seasonings with just touches of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to bring out the natural taste and flavour of the fish.


A Turkish Barbeque

While the summer season in Turkey might not be quite as meat heavy as other places in the world there’s still plenty of rich culinary delights to please meat lovers. And yes the traditional Turkish kebab is amongst them, Turkish chefs really are the masters of kebab making and make no mistake this is the real thing not some takeaway knock off.

Turkish kebabs are made with hand chopped meat (usually lamb) that’s been lightly spiced and marinated for that extra zing. It’s something anyone visiting Turkey in the summer should try at least once although you’ll probably love it so much you’ll go back for seconds.


Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish ice cream or to give it its Turkish name Dondurma is quite different from many other countries ice cream as it’s made with the orchid flour salep and the resin mastic. These two ingredients along with the classics milk and sugar give Turkish ice cream a high resistance to melting, a unique texture and a slight chewiness.

Intrigued? I thought so while it’s made differently it’s certainly a lot more user friendly as they’ll be less risk of sticky hands and mess because it’s much more heat resistant. Turkish ice cream comes in a stunning range of refreshing flavours that anyone will love. Whether you go to a street vendor, restaurant or ice cream shop Turkish ice cream offers an exciting twist on a classic food. 


Summer Meze’s and Light Meals

Think of a meze like a starter or appetiser they’re quick little dishes that can also be side dishes and they are AMAZING! The summer mezes in particular are some of the finest Turkey as to offer and I could talk forever about to them, but to make it simple I’ll just list some of my favourites.


·       Cacık: This yogurt based meze is a must have at any Turkish barbeque it’s cool and refreshing taste makes it perfect for the summer.

·       Kısır: Made with grilled lettuce leaves this light meze is served with a variety of different topics like pomegranate juice or lemon oil and it’s the perfect dish for when you just fancy something light but filling.

·       Çılbır: More of a light meal than a meze but a classic nevertheless this dish is made with porched eggs, yogurt and an assortment of spices. It’s the ideal comfort food and ideal for those hot summer days. 

·       Haydari: A refreshing and cool meze made with strained yoghurt, garlic and fresh herbs this refreshing dish is simply glorious on a hot summers day.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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