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Is Turkey still safe to visit?

25th July 2016

For lots of tourists out there that may have already have a holiday booked in Turkey the news that a 3 month state of emergency has been announced, the recent attacks and attempted coup will have you worried.

It's OK to be Concerned...
It’s natural at times like this to be worried about your safety, however while to might not seem like it in the reports and news you’ve read Turkey is still a safe place to visit. It’s unfortunate that Turkey has been the target of many attacks recently however Turkey is not the only country experiencing issues like this.

From Australia to France, the UK and more many countries around the world have felt the impact of attacks in one form or another. It might not seem like it but the state of emergency that’s been enacted could actually be a good thing for tourists as it will likely mean a much stronger security presence.

After the events of July 15th the government’s decision to enact a state of emergency isn’t unusual and many other countries are on similar security alerts at this time. The full effects of the state of emergency are not fully known yet and likely won’t be for some-time however it’s best to remain vigilant and ensure you always have your ID’s with you.

It's Business as Usual along the Coast
Many coastal areas in turkey are still carrying about business as usual and reports show that there is a “calm atmosphere” in resorts areas. As long as you remain vigilant then yes it’s still quite safe to visit to Turkey at the moment and many people still are.

It’s easy and understandable to be wary given the circumstances but Turkey is still a safe country to visit.

And Most Importantly....

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Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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