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Opticians & Eye Care in Turkey - low cost frames & lenses

16th September 2013

High Quality Affordable Eye Care in Turkey

Expats living in Turkey will have plenty of options when it comes to state of the art vision care. Some of the best eye centers in the world are located in Turkey. Patients will be able to access high quality eye care that is up to the same standards as what they would receive in the U.K., and even better in some cases. Professionalism and a high standard of care is what expats can expect to find when they seek out eye care services in all major metropolitan locations in Turkey.


Knowing What to Expect with Eye Exams

When you make an appointment for vision services in Turkey, you will be able to get an appointment quickly, but things may work a little differently to what you are used to in the United Kingdom. While the eye exams themselves are very similar, your optician may actually take you to another location to have your eye exam completed. It is very common in Turkey for opticians to contract eye exam work to other optometrists, professionals, and doctors that specialize in vision care. This doesn’t mean that the quality standards won’t be just as high. People often report that they get exceptional care that has exceeded their expectations. 


Save Huge by Getting Glasses & Frames in Turkey

Finding an optician in Turkey is easy. Most tourist resorts will have a professional optician on site, or they will be able to refer one. The eye exam cost is built into the pricing of lenses and frames, so you will never pay a separate charge as you would in the U.K. The cost will depend on the type of frames and prescription lenses that you select, but it will be significantly cheaper than what you would expect to pay in the U.K. and in other parts of Europe. Some patients are able to save anywhere from 30 to 60% on the cost of their lenses and frames, which is pretty substantial. In the U.K. you can expect to pay anywhere from £500 to £700 for the exam, lenses, and designer frames, while in Turkey that cost would be significantly cheaper at anywhere from  £250 to £300. Expats will get services that are more affordable than they have ever been able to obtain before, especially if they want high-end designer frames that would cost the earth if they were to purchase them in the U.K.


How Long Does it Take?

If you are living in Turkey as an expat, or if you are just coming for a short holiday, you need to allow 4-7 days for your glasses to be ready. The time that it takes will depend on the type of frames and lenses that you order, but the process is typically very fast. Whether you want prescription glasses, designer sunglasses, or even contact lenses, you will be able to find affordable care in all regions of Turkey. Designer sunglasses on average can be obtained for 30% less than what you would pay for the same products in the United Kingdom. Getting eye exams and glasses in Turkey is definitely worth it, if you want to save a bundle of money.


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