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Turkey Attempted Coup – Going Forward What Happens Next?

30th July 2016

The Turkish coup d'état only happened two weeks ago, at the time I’ am writing this, but it already seems so long ago doesn’t it? And so much has happened since then. Although the coup, which occurred on July 15th, was a failure and lasted only a few hours it has changed the landscape of Turkey in many ways.

There’s been great purges throughout Turkey with over 45,000 judges, military officials, police officers and judges being suspended or arrested pending investigations into how the coup came about. Add to that wide-reaching social unrest and a 3 month state of emergency that was declared on the 20th July and things certainly have changed a lot in Turkey.

So what happens next? 

Unfortunately there’s no easy answer to that as a lot is changing already in Turkey and will likely continue to do so over the coming months. There’s also the possibility that the current 3 month state of emergency could be extended and more suspensions are also likely.

With all this in mind it might surprise you to learn that people where still enjoying relaxing holidays in Turkey’s coastal resorts just days after the coup or that many members of the public went out into the streets of Istanbul the very next day to carry on with their lives.

The Turkish public certainly dealt with the crisis admirably and that’s something that we can proud of even when facing these uncertain times ahead. The damage to Turkey’s economy; whether in share prices, the value of the lira or to tourism has certainly been steep.

As you can see for yourself although thankfully the lira quickly made a rebound and all things considered the situation could have been a lot worse given what happened. If you live in a bigger city like Istanbul or Ankara then you can expect things to certainly feel more tense at times as one our own YellAli staff member’s talks about. But that hasn’t stopped people from getting on with their lives or tourists enjoying the many fantastic things Turkey offers.

We can’t say for certain what will happen next for Turkey but I think it’s fair to say that Turkey is on the road to recovery. It might take a while and there might be some rough spots along the way but Turkey and its people are strong as they showed in the aftermath of the coup and the Turkish spirit will prevail in the end and the country will be great again.

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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