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What you need to know about finding a property in Istanbul

8th August 2016

Do not let anyone fool you, this is a hard task!

Money Grabbers!

When looking for a property its really important to know what you are doing as there are people readily available to grab your money left, right and centre.

Finding The Idea Area

The first decision for you should be to determine where you want to live. There are some areas that are not recommended for foreigners due to them being more traditional.  The areas which are usually preferred by foreigners are ; Beyoğlu, mainly Taksim, and Cihangir areas. The whole of the Şişli area is some what foreigner friendly as it is the heart of the city they are used to having foreign neighbours. Beşiktaş is another foreigner friendly district which is often a lively and bustling area. Along with the district of kadıköy. However, there are not so foreigner friendly areas, such as some parts of Fatih, Ümraniye, and Kağıthane.

Realistic Budget

Secondly, have a realistic budget. Rents for decent, what I would call fit for habitation start at around 2,000tl for a 1+1 in a semi decent area. 

The 'Realtor'

Pick your choice of realtors carefully as there are better ones and really bad ones. There seems to be no ethics when it come to this industry. Therefore I really would recommend working with the bigger real estate companies as opposed to the 'one man band' who will suck you of every penny you have.

Once you find a property the 'emlakci' will take 12% of the annual rent. You can negotiate one moths rent instead but you would really need a Turkish speaker to be able to do this.

Consider a Professional Assistant

Its for the reasons above that more and more foreigners are seeking the help of consultants to assist them in their home search as it means the consultant will take all the pain out of the process. The consultants role will be first to advise you on the different areas of Istanbul, then to ascertain what your needs and expectations are from a property. Based on the information which you provide they will get to work on finding you your ideal property. Once you have decided upon a property suitable for you the consultant will need undertake any relevant negotiations right up to you signing your tenancy. Contact YellAli if you need assistance here.

(!) Think about the 'Agreement'

The consultant will also make sure your Turkish agreement is correctly translated
. There has been cases where the translation into English has not reflected the actual agreement , hence causing serious issues from the tenant or in some cases the buyer of property.

The consultants is always your fallback which conveniently eliminates the negotiation process when renting a property.!

Written by Ayse ERGEN - YellAli




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