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Travelling Safely In Turkey

9th August 2016

The past few weeks have been turbulent for Turkey and a lot has changed in short space of time.
Despite what you might have read or even believe many people are still travelling to and from Turkey safely and enjoying Turkey's many fantastic sights and beautiful beaches.

Travelling to and from Turkey is still quite safe but it can't be denied that that recent events have caused changes to take place so tourists particularly in larger cities like Istanbul and Ankara will have to be more cautious.

So to help you enjoy a wondrous and safe journey to Turkey we've compiled a list of useful tips and important advice for all tourists due to travel should know.

 Have your I.D with you at all times ( ! Passport ) + e-visa / residence permit.

 Be prepared for a heightened security presence and cooperate with officials.

 Enhanced checks are in effect at airports so you should try to arrive early when leaving Turkey.

 You should make sure to stay up to date with the latest news and events in Turkey so you know what is happening.

 Take sensible precautions if you are in crowded areas and try and stay away from demonstrations if possible.

 Always have a charged smartphone with you so you have a way to contact someone if you need to.

 You should also familiarise yourself with Turkish emergency services numbers like the ones for fire services 110, ambulances 112 and the police 155.

Emotions are understandably high following the coup so it’s also advisable to avoid topics of conversation that could be controversial. Don't censor yourself but do be mindful of your surroundings and people's feelings.

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Travel Advice
A lot of the advice is the same advice you would be given if you went to any foreign country and that's because while things have changed they haven't changed significantly. There's a heightened police and security presence yes but much of the travelling advice remains the same.

As long as you remain vigilant, cooperative and stay in the know you might not even notice the difference especially if you're holidaying in a coastal resort. Many millions of people travel to Turkey.

Every year without issue and that hasn't changed despite what you might have heard.

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Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

Turkish Residence Permit


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