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Top Tips For Getting A Turkish Work Permit

23rd August 2016

The work permit process can seem like a daunting monster at first glance and you might have heard more than one horror story about it. But don’t panic getting a work permit for Turkey can be quite simple if completed correctly.


And I’ m hear to share my tips to make it even easier, that way foreigners in Turkey can start searching for work much quicker. So without further ado let’s look at my top tips.


·       Find a Job! – This is an important one, as the work permit application is made in the company name and not the individual persons name. Finding a job is the first step to obtaining a Work Permit.

·       You may apply Before You Move! – Any first time movers to Turkey may apply in their home countries Turkish Consulate in order to get a work permit. So make sure you do it at least 6 weeks before you plan make your move to Turkey. It is possible to apply for a work permit in Turkey, however you will need to obtain a Residence Permit first with at least 6 months validity.


·       Get the Documents Together – This is a rule you can follow for all most anything, but having the documentation together will save you a lot of time and make it much easier. In total you’ll need the following: 1 copy of the work contract, a foreign personnel application form,
6 passport sized photos and a translated and notarised copy of your passport. (please note; other documents will be required from your employer - We can discuss what is required with your employer)


·       Get Professional Assistance - For translation and notarisation work you’ll need professional assistance so make sure you got a reputable company. Like YellAli’s foreigners centre which can provide a professional translation and notarisation service.


·       Know Which Work Permit You Want – There’s four kinds of work permit available in Turkey each covers different criteria. Speak to YellAli to discuss this further. Or Read


·       Residence Permit – If you hold a valid residence permit (that’s been valid for at least 6 months) then you can apply for a work permit directly to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security in Turkey.


·       Company Managers or Directors can get a Work Permit – If you’re being appointed as the manager or head of a company then you will be considered a key person and there are exemptions in the work permit criteria for key people. Speak to YellAli to discuss this further. Or Read


And that’s it for my top tips remember it you need help with anything to do with your work permit applications you can contact YellAli for professional assistance. We can help you with all kinds of work permits and advise you on any exceptional circumstances that might be available to you. Plus we also offer a professional translation and notarisation service.  


Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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