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Why You Should Visit the Turkish Turquoise Coast!

5th September 2016

The Turquoise Coast (also known as the Turkish Rivera) certainly isn’t short of things to do or places to see and it houses many cities, towns and villages in the southwest of Turkey including the provinces of Antalya and Muğla. There’s lots for foreigners visiting Turkey to do at the Turquoise Coast so let’s look at my top picks in more detail.


Visit The Ruins of the Mausoleum of Maussollos!


Found in Halicarnassus or to give you a more modern name the Bodrum, this glorious ancient ruin site is one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world! History buffs, artists, budding archaeologists and plenty of others will love experiencing the natural beauty of this ancient wonder. The Ruins of the Mausoleum of Maussollos offer a slightly more traditional approach for tourists while tours are available it’s more often than not that you’ll see people exploring the ruins themselves taking in the wonder and history the site offers.


Visit a Beach That’s Also A National Park!


When a beach not only has the much coveted blue flag status but is also officially recognised as a national park you know it’s a cut above the rest. There’s a multitude of beautiful beaches along the Turquoise coast like the Iztuzu and Mermerli beaches to name just a few but the real star of the Turquoise coast is the 19km sandy beach outside the town of Kalkan.


Often referred to as simply the Turquoise Coast Beach in the UK this stunning beach as remained largely undeveloped thanks to its national park status. Offering lush natural beauty this undisturbed oasis of paradise is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a truly unforgettable beach experience.


Experience What It Would Be Like To Have Wings!


Do you expect me to say take a boat? While that’s a great option and certainly recommended there’s another more unusual way to see the sights along the Turquoise Coast. The resort village Oludeniz is a must visit along the coast as it’s where you can experience what it’s like to fly through the air!


Paragliding is popular in many place along the Turkish Coast and don’t worry you’ll have training and in most case even have an instructor with you during the glide. Whether you’re looking for a burst of adrenaline or simply want to see the wondrous beauty of the Turquoise Coast from a different perspective paragliding is a great activity anyone can enjoy.


Travel Back in Time and Experience Village Life!


Do you ever yearn to escape the hustle a bustle? Are your tired of crowds and shopping in malls? Do you just want some peace and quiet to relax and unwind? If you answered yes to any of the above pack and bag and get your passport!


The Turquoise is home to many quaint and quiet villages like Adrasan and Çıralı that offer a more quiet and relaxed experience. You can take time to enjoy the simpler things and experience village life there’s many hidden villages like these around the Turquoise coast so who knows you might even discover your own hidden hideaway.

Another Ancient World Wonder Awaits!


Not being content with just the one there’s another of 7 wonders of the ancient world for you to visit along the Turquoise Coast! The Temple of Artemis was located near the ancient city of Ephesus (which is another great place to visit for fans of ancient ruins) and can be found today near the town of Selçuk, Turkey.


While not much of the temple ruins remain the sight is still something you shouldn’t pass up with a relaxing charm to it the Temple of Artemis offers beautiful scenery and a unique almost spiritual experience that you have to be there to really feel. There’s also a museum nearby that holds many artefacts from the temple that you can also visit.


And that’s just five of the great things you can experience at the Turquoise Coast there’s so many that I couldn’t mention them all but if you want to experience one of Turkey’s best and most beautiful and diverse locations then the Turquoise Coast is the place to go. 


Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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