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Foreign Teachers and Work Permits in Turkey

16th September 2016

Foreigner teachers have been in demand in Turkey for a number of years and many foreign teachers have been able to thrive in Turkey and teach at various levels. 

However just like many other industries foreign teachers who want to teach in Turkey are required to obtain a work permit. This allows you to both work and reside in Turkey. There’s a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to living and working in a foreign country and Turkey is no different.

But the process isn’t as daunting as you might think, the important thing to remember is Turkey’s first law on the subject (Law Regarding the Work Permits of Foreigners’ No.4817 dated February 2003) which states that any foreigners that are to be employed by Turkish entities must obtain a work permit if they wish to commence working under a payroll.

Please note: If a foreign teacher holds a valid Turkish residence permit for at least 6 months then they are able to apply directly to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

While foreign teachers who haven’t legally lived in Turkey and hold a valid residence pemit (with min.6 month validity) will need to apply via the Turkish Consulate in their own state of residence.

Overall of Requirements

The following documents shall be submitted to the Ministry of Labor at application by the employer education entity: You’ll need to supply a:

- Work permit application form,
- Foreign personnel application form,
- Employment contract,
- Copy of your passport,
- Turkish translation of your diploma/ education certificates
or a Temporary graduation certificate

(*Additional documentation will also be required – Contact us to discuss)

Professional Assistance for Teachers & Education Entities  

YellAli can help you with your work permit and residence permit application and we also provide a high-quality legal translation and notarization service as well. So you can get your education certificates officially translated.

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Turkish Residence Permit


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