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Dental care in Turkey - low cost treatments

30th September 2013

There has never been a better time to take advantage of some of the fantastic medical tourism Turkey has to offer. 

And the reasons are impressive, so sink your teeth into this! Turkey is now emerging as the leading country when it comes to dental procedures.

Its reputation follows its modern as well as progressive healthcare procedures not to mention a range of brand new clinics and highly trained medical staff.

And the best bit…the cost of course. Firstly as the cost of living is reduced compared to other EU countries, this is reflected in the level of dentistry prices. 

If you contrast this to London, you can to save up to as much as 70% off prices coupled with a relatively cheap flight to some of the main centres located in Istanbul. This is also due to the lower cost of living in Turkey. 

Currently, many individuals are cottoning on to this phenomenon that has seen a real growth in dental practices.

Yet there are no teething problems here as just last year, nearly 300,000 tourists visited the country for different types of surgical procedures.

This cost effectiveness and efficient care is being embraced with not just new facilities but highly skilled medics for a fraction of the price.

Turkish dentists are considered to be hospitable, courteous and have lots of experience in dealing with culture shock, thus reassuring patients at all times, whilst making you feel comfortable

However, dental tourism in Turkey is growing at a rapid rate due to exceptional care and aftercare. In addition to this, many are combining holidays in order to enjoy the lowest price available. Looks like that trip to the dentist will be filled with glee instead of fear for many.

This melange between high level dentistry and the ideal Turkish vacation means thousands are visiting Turkey to enjoy a host of other services. 

This features lasering techniques, dental radiology, implants, periodontology, prostheses applications, bleaching and much more. 

Even before you intend to hop on a plane, you can obtain a complimentary fixed quote regarding the services you may require. 

Nothing but the finest dentists has been selected in numerous clinics across Turkey who maintains high levels of competence, whilst concentrating on specialist areas.

Whether it is a dental surgeons or implantologist, Turkish clinics are using the latest state of the art equipment on patients with modern operating rooms installed. 

Some institutions even provide a detailed report on all the procedures that have been carried out as a form of guarantee. 

Best of all is the fact that members of clinics are usually fluent in English so there are no issues over miscommunication. This could prove to be essential especially when handling the final bill. 

With a host of modern clinics, highly skilled medics and low dental prices, why not sit back and enjoy your new pearly whites in the glorious Turkish sun!

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Written by Simon Lazarus


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