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Right Architect – How You Would Be Able To Find One

1st October 2016 , Afyonkarahisar, Kızılören

Architects are very important parts of building a house. They design and offer creative solutions to different house building projects. This is the reason, why you should have an architect attached with you if you are planning to build a house. Even if you are renovating one, it is important to have someone with knowledge of architect associated with you. However, here one very important fact plays a great role. How do you find the architect?

How do you find that one person who will be able to build your dream house? This is an important question. You need to ask this before you begin building your home. Finding an architect is difficult not because there are not a lot of professional to be found. It is difficult because, there are a lot architects to be found. How do you find the right one for your project? Sassan Kimiavi is a businessman. He has also invested in many startups. He is the CEO of ALTA Development. This is a real estate firm. Sassan Kimiavi knows what to look for when you are searching an architect.

Where to find an architect? Any real estate company will be able to help you find one. However, you can use referrals to find one. You can ask around. Someone who has done a renovation or has built a house will be able to tell you where to find an architect. Yet, finding the architect is not the only job. You need to find the right one who will be able to help you build that right house. Many don’t understand that building a home means building someone’s dream. This is not easy and a builder will not be able to help you with the creative solutions. You will have to find someone with proper expertise.


Online database is another useful place where you can find an architect. However, Sassan Kimiavisays that finding an architect from the websites only will not be a wise decision. There are thousands of architects and you need to find the one who will be able to turn your desire into a reality. After short listing some of them from the websites, you can begin with the processing. There are some important questions which you can ask. 

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