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5 Reasons Why Briton’s Love Turkey

3rd October 2016

While Turkey is visited by people from all around the world it can’t be denied that Turkey and the UK have a close bond. With over 40,000 British expats living in Turkey permanently and thriving expat communities the British just seem to love Turkey but why?


The Location 

The UK has plenty of sites to see but one thing you don’t see many people visiting the UK for is the beaches and weather while Turkey has many glorious beaches and a much better climate. The Turkish people are also very friendly and affectionate so there’s always going to be new friends for you to meet.


Because Opposites Attract

The phrase above is quite popular in the UK and it couldn’t be more accurate! You can see from our list of things that British expats will need to get used to that the average Briton and Turk are usually quite different but hey we just seem to go together don’t we?

Turkey is like Britain’s more boisterous and confident sibling you’re generally a little more blunt than us Brits but a lot of fun to be around and very open and affectionate, that’s probably why Britons and Turks get along so well we complement each other.

But We Still Have A Lot In Common

While the average Turk and Brit certainly will have their differences we also have quite a lot in common as well. From our love of tea to our passion for footbal and much more you’ll soon find someone in Turkey with the same interests as you.

And we are a very united people in many ways just recently British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visited Turkey on official visit on behalf on the UK government and discussed his hopes that Turkey and the UK could form a new partnership following Brexit.


Turks Are A Proud People

Turkish people are very proud of their heritage and you’ll see the Turkish flag flying proudly around the country and despite recent events the people still stand together and are strong in face of adversity. Brits are certainly people who respect that and likely see a lot of the same ideals that are important to them reflected in the Turkish people.

But while Turks are a proud people they also respect other cultures as you can see from the many old churches dotted around Turkey. And remember despite reports that may say otherwise Turkey is proudly a secular country.


We Admire Turkey’s Culture and Identity

Speaking of Brexit, Turkey’s accession to the EU is certainly a divisive subject but it might surprise you to learn that Turkey not being a member of the EU is one of the reasons Britons seem to like Turkey so much. A poll conducted in 2008 showed that many British expats weren’t overly keen on the idea of Turkey joining the EU because they believed it could cause Turkey to lose its identity and culture.

And the fact that Turkey wasn’t and still isn’t Europeanized is actually appealing to many expats. And these are just some of the reasons why British expats and tourists love Turkey.

Why don’t you share your reasons with us in the comment section? 

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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Comments (2)


4th October 2016 I agree with the 5 reasons you mention, but add that the scenery is stunning too.


11th October 2016 We love Turkey and it's people, been going to turkey on holiday for 20 years. lovely friendly and trustworthy people, lovely food. Been to lots of resorts and also Cappadocia which was amazing, will never forget it. Just hope I am able to afford to go back. Beautiful scenery. Love antic side and also fethiye.

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