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Logistics Going in to Turkey

4th October 2016

By the year 2024 it is expected that Turkey will be a country that brings in more than 230 billion USD or more from trade and other imports.

Turkey is a fascinating country and over the last ten years, the country has become a major hub for trade between many areas including not only the middle east but also Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Due to this growth, many businesses and individuals have begun relocation to the country to work in the logistics industry as well as other industries in Turkey. Since trade has been booming so well, new airports have been built that help bring not only products in, but also more people to work in the country.
The country instituted the Turkey 2023 Initiative that has started improving the train system in Turkey which has been increased in order to transport people to and from cities throughout the country to make transportation to and from work easier. Shipping ports have also grown which allows more trade to be held from around the world to Turkey and even the roadways in Turkey are scheduled to grow from roughly 2200 km to nearly 10,000 km by 2023.

With the gradual improvement and advancement of logistics in the country, many people, including individuals and families, have made the move to Turkey with their own personal household goods, automobiles and other personal property. This too, has increased transport logistics into Turkey and made it possible for families to stay together and be able to earn an income with many job opportunities. Thanks to a new residency law in Turkey, people may obtain a permit to stay in the country for up to 2 years if an individual and *3 years if moving with a family.
Customs Procedures
There are of course, customs procedures which must be adhered to when shipping anything personal into Turkey. These procedures include fees and taxes as well as restrictions on items allowed to be shipped in. Customs duties were once more than 10% of the value of the product shipping in, but due to the increase in tourists and those relocating for work, Turkey has decided to lower the customs duties to only 5%.
In order to have personal items shipped into the country, a person must hire a reputable shipper such
as A1 Auto Transport in order to remain in full compliance with the customs regulations and to ensure that household items or motor vehicles are legally brought into Turkey.
Motor vehicles can be shipped in on a temporary basis without paying duties and taxes and can remain in the country for up to 180 days. Unless you are a citizen of Turkey, you will not be able to ship a car in on a permanent basis unless you can show proof that you will be working in a full-time permanent position or you are retiring or moving to the area permanently.

In order to have a motor vehicle shipped to the country, you will need to provide the following documentation to customs:
·      Passport
·      Driver’s License (International Driver’s License)
·      Vehicle Title
·      Vehicle Registration
·      Turkish Auto Insurance Certificate
Due to Turkey’s improvements on transportation logistics, it is fairly simple to import a car into the country as well as household goods and other personal property. The government tends to make it very easy for those that want to come to the country seeking work, to set up a business or even moving to be with a family member that may be working locally.
Turkey has a great deal of logistics services to assist with all types of import as well as export needs or individuals and businesses. Some of the services include quick processing times for import and export of motor vehicles, vehicle storage facilities that are easy to access for vehicle owners, fast handling of goods and quick customs clearance. If you are considering making a move to Turkey, there has been no better time than right now thanks to the massive improvements with transportation logistics throughout the country.

Guest Post Written by A1 AutoTransport

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