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Getting Married in Turkey – Everything You Need To Know

10th October 2016

Getting married is complex, that’s a statement both brides and grooms will agree with but it’s an experience people will remember for the rest of their lives and getting married in a Turkey is an unforgettable experience that many people whether they’re tourists or expats dream of.

So how do you go about getting married in Turkey and what do you need? Well before we examine that let’s take a look at Turkish marriage laws.



Marriage Laws
Depending on you and your partners nationalities there’s many different laws involved with how you can get married in Turkey.


Same NationalityBut Not Turkish: Many foreign couples come to Turkey to get married with Turkey’s stunning scenery and history it’s a great place to get married. If you both have the same nationality and are not Turkish then your wedding can be conducted by Turkish authorities or by your home country's embassy or consulate officials (if they provide such a service). However if you want the Turkish authorities to conduct the wedding you will need a marriage license or statement from your home country. 


Different NationalityBut Not Turkish: If both you and your partner are of different nationalities and neither of you are Turkish then any marriage must be conducted by Turkish officials. You will also both need documents from your home countries showing your eligibility for marriage.  


Marrying A Turk: If either the bride or groom is a Turk and marrying a foreigner then your marriage must be conducted by Turkish officials. And the foreigner must obtain a statement or document showing their eligibility for marriage from their home country. 

Important Documentation
Apart from documents for foreigners showing their eligibility to get married what else do you need before your wedding can go ahead? You will both also need personal identification documents like: passports, birth certificates and identification cards, photographs of the bride and groom for official records. If either party has been married before you will also need your decree of absolutes that legal show you are no longer married.

Most of these documents can be obtained before going to Turkey for the wedding ceremony, the last document you need is a marriage petition that can only be obtained once you have gone to Turkey and arranged your wedding.

Other Requirements and Things To Know

All marriage held in Turkey are civil marriages meaning if you follow a certain religion you can’t have a religious marriage ceremony. Although religious ceremonies can still be held under Turkish law you won’t be legally married. But some couples do choose to have both a civil marriage ceremony in addition to a religious ceremony as well to get around this.

Anyone 18 years of age or younger must also have their parent’s permission to marry and you must have sufficient mental capacity. If you do suffer from certain illnesses then you may need to undergo a medical examination and have obtain a report from your physician stating you have sufficient mental capacity. 

Any pre-existing marriages must be probably annulled before either party can marry again, practices such as polygamy are also illegal in Turkey. A woman who has gone through a divorce must wait 300 days from the date of the divorce before she is legally allowed to marry again. A divorce decree may also place a similar waiting period upon a man as well. 


For British Citizens getting married in Turkey please see the below Govt. Link:-

For US Citizens getting married in Turkey please see the below Govt. Link:-

For Irish Citizens getting married in Turkey please see the below Govt. Link:-

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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