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Why laser eye surgery in Turkey is fast becoming the bastion of medical tourism

3rd October 2013

Someone once proclaimed an eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. However all eyes are fixed on Turkey’s pioneering laser eye surgery. 

The country is whipping up its own medical revolution thanks to its level of world-class laser techniques and eye surgery treatments. 

The spotlight is focused on Turkey at present with global popularity racing up on the outside as the increase in specialist eye clinics develops.

Initially just a few centres were created which has now flourished into numerous sites conducting a plethora of LASIK or LASEK correction surgery. But let’s separate the LASIK from the LASEK shall we!

Known as in situ keratomileusis, LASIK involves a special laser under a corneal fold which reforms the cornea. The results are vision improvement and eradicating the necessity for glasses or lenses.

LASEK surgery features the correction of nearsightedness or myopia as well as hyperopia or farsightedness and astigmatism.

Yet, the amount of health tourists visiting Turkey has exploded amid increasing demand for these types of procedures. 

Medical tourism in Turkey is considered to be one of the leading sectors in the country with people jetting in from all corners of the world.

You can explore several options via purpose built modern eye centres and hospitals from Istanbul and Ankara to Antalya and beyond. So why is Turkey becoming a global mecca for this type of surgery? 

Experienced eye surgeons can perform highly detailed ophthalmic exams, corneal structure reports and numerous tests to obtain the shape and density of someone’s cornea.

With many individuals noticing a remarkable improvement in their sight, you can also benefit from the overall lifestyle experience. 

This means alongside your eye treatment and recovery, you can explore all of Turkey’s rich culture, history and of course it’s impressive landscape. What’s not to like. 

Various clinics offer medical tourism holidays incorporating travel, hotel stay or private rooms, concierge access and direct transfers to and from the chosen clinic. Talk about living it up.

All of this is built into the overall price enabling you to save a shed load of Wonga if you were having similar procedures in the UK! 

In fact laser surgery costing around 5,000 euros can be enjoyed in Turkey for just a fraction of the price – on average between 600 to 900 euros.

It seems international ophthalmology in Turkey is the order of the day for many people with superior techniques that cannot be experienced elsewhere. 

You don’t’ have to squint any more at those jaw dropping prices as accessibility to eye treatments are being offered across Turkey from cornea and glaucoma treatment to cataracts in all major cities.

These are all carried out by the leading ophthalmic certified experts. So whether you require cost effective treatments such as glaucoma, ocular oncology, echography or LASIK cosmetic eye surgery, Turkey is the market leader when it comes to medical tourism. 

Just three years ago the amount of foreign people coming into Turkey for procedures including eye surgery was estimated at 150,000. 

This rose to approximately a quarter of a million patients last year according to the Ministry of Health, whilst Turkey’s laser eye surgery consistently appears in Top 8 global rankings. 

Written by Simon Lazarus

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