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Turkish Residence Permit - The most common mistakes people make

24th October 2016

Turkish Residence Permit - This is an essential document to have if you are planning on living in Turkey. But what are the most common mistakes people make applying for a residence permit.

Let's explore them here :-

1. Passport Validity - It's suprising just how many people do not realise their passports must be valid for a certain period in order to obtain a Turkish Residence Permit.
Important NOTE:  "Foreigners applying for a residence permit shall be required to hold a passport or a travel document valid at least sixty days beyond the duration of the requested residence permit. "

For example if you want a 12 month residence permit, you will need 14 months validity on your passport.

2. Wrong Insurance - If you are aged between 18-65 you must provide a valid health insurance that meets the requirements of the Turkish residence permit. Health Insurance that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted. Please see more info here.

3. "Selfie" - YES! That's right - Do not upload a selfie to your Turkish Residece Permit Application. It may be REJECTED. A biometric photo must be used for the application form.
Please read more about application guidance here.

4. Invalid Visa - If you do not have a valid visa or have overstayed your visa exemption period you will not be allowed to continue with your residence permit application and will need to leave the country. Only after successfully re-entering the country, legally, you will be allowed to continue with your application.

5. Leaving the Country Early (Before your card is issued) - This is aimed at those foreigners that enter Turkey with a valid 'single entry visa', make an application for residency and then go back home and wait for the residence card - Seriously guys! Don't do it! you will create a huge problem for your application. Get in touch if you require further information.

6. Making an Application in a different city - "I have to wait how long for an appointment in Istanbul"! Yeah we know Istanbul sucks and the application process is long, but don't be tempted to make the application in another city just because the appointment waiting times are less. (almost zero in some places) BECAUSE unless you have a second home or plan to rent in that city and live there, DON'T SUBMIT THE APPLICATION, AS IT WON'T be ACCEPTED.

Although on the brighter side, the migration department are 'moving appointments forward' to cope with the huge backlogs, so that appointment in February, may just be changed to December.

7. Not declaring the correct info - If you submit the wrong email or wrong telephone number this can cause problems if the migration department need to reach you. If they can't communicate with you, this may cause problems with your application.

8. Not coming back to collect your permit - Once your application is submitted you will be given a document which allows you to leave the country for 15 days, and after you must return again. If your permit has been issued you will be sent a text message from the PTT informing you that your permit has been sent to your address (a tracking code will be sent with this message) And ONLY you may collect the permit, NOT a friend or spouse.

9. Making a Residence Permit Application outside of Turkey - For those of you who are just to impatient and try to beat the queues by booking the appointment from outside of Turkey and in time for your visit xxx amount of months away, please think again. As when you enter Turkey with your visa this may cancel out your appointment. Meaning on the day of your appointment you will be asked to re-submit a new application for residency and a new appointment. There's no beating the system guys!

10. Wrong Permit type - There are different permits for different purposes. i.e married to a Turk, staying as a tourist, Student, property owner etc If you are unsure which permit to apply for please do get it touch.

More information about the Turkish Residence permit can be found here

If you require professional assistance with your Residence Permit Application, please contact YellAli here.

Turkish Residence Permit


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