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Moving Season is Coming Up, Are You Ready For Your Big Move?

8th November 2016 , Adana, Seyhan

Many people are moving to Montreal this year, they either love the city since it is a beautiful place to live or maybe they have to relocate due to their jobs, either way moving is moving and involves the same amount of stress and planning any other move takes. The main step everyone always seems to put off is finding a moving company, I don't seem to understand why, these guys are going to be the ones moving your valuable stuff. Finding a good Montreal moving company can be difficult, especially in such a big city, but that does not mean that there aren't any.


Since there are many moving companies in Montreal the pricing is very competitive, which is a plus for you, but on the downside it means you have more work to do. In order for you to find a good Montreal moving company you will have to go through a few of them. Pick up the phone and call them, ask for pricing, what services they provide and how long will the move take, you don't want them quoting a low cost per hour then taking their sweet time. It happens a lot of times that a Montreal moving company will quote a low amount but then take 3 times the time to finish the job resulting in you overpaying them. Reserving movers at least a couple month ahead will ensure you get a better rate, more choice of dates and a better shift. Try to book your moving day for a weekday and not a weekend, Montreal Movers are usually much busier on weekends, and therefore they might show up much later than you reserved. Booking the early morning shift will ensure movers are on time and at their highest level of energy.

A professional Montreal moving company will quote a decent cost, you want to be realistic on the pricing, and will have a office for you to visit in order to drop off your deposit or pick up supplies. Also a good Montreal moving company will usually offer services such as packing, storage and unpacking. The best way in finding out if your Montreal moving company is legit, ask if they take cash money, if they refuse then they are legit because that means they pay taxes and have insurance. Most people like to pay cash and that's where they make mistakes, if something breaks or is missing and you paid cash, you won’t get any compensation for it.

The best thing to do is ask questions, don't be afraid of them, after all you are hiring them and not the other way around. Happy moving!



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