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Why You Still Want To Consider Istanbul!

14th November 2016

Turkey is certainly a strong and resilient country and nowhere better shows that than Istanbul! While Istanbul is a popular tourist location it’s also a great place to live and a city anyone should consider if they are thinking about starting a new life in a foreign country.

Confidence in Turkey’s property is growing all the time, just take a look at the strong signs of growth that where recently reported. And Turkey did beat New Zealand after all, to be the number one country in the annual global estate price increase report. House prices which fell by around 14 % at the start of the year have also since risen by 19 %, so there’s still an incredible demand for a home in Turkey.

Istanbul is popular with people of all ages but notably more popular with younger people and students thanks to there being more work opportunities in the city. The Mediterranean region is often the more popular choice for older couples, but you will still see plenty of older people moving to Istanbul as well.

Property investment in Istanbul therefore is still very popular with many people and while the Turkish lira did indeed fall earlier this month Turkey's Borsa Istanbul did quickly rebound just a few days later, with the BIST 100 increasing by 1.26 %.

And that’s not even mentioning the many great things I’ am sure you all already know about Istanbul! Being the place where the east and west meet will also give you the valuable experience of learning about many different cultures and the great many expat communities in Istanbul also mean you’ll have that little bit of home with you.

Thinking About Making The Move?
If you are thinking about making the move to Istanbul whether to start a new life for yourself or to experience working in new country then you’re going to need a work permit, residence permit, health insurance and possibly a few other things. But don’t be put off by that after all aren’t these expected when you want to move to a new country? And there’s more good news because YellAli can help!

At YellAli our Foreigners Center features our amazing Relocation Services! This includes everything anyone moving to Istanbul could need help with, it’s your one stop shop for a variety of professional services including matters like: property purchases and rentals, immigration services, education matters, information for transporting items or pets, bank account assistance and much more.

So with all the help you could need to make to move to Istanbul in one great place what are you waiting for to plan your move to Istanbul? 

Please feel free to comment below about your experiences of living in Istanbul...

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