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Is Turkey Still a viable Invest Opportunity?

22nd November 2016

In short yes it is! Well now that you know that you can begin your next Turkish investment with complete peace of mind. OK just kidding there’s a lot more to it than that so let’s take a look why Turkey is still a viable invest opportunity and how we at YellAli can help you! 

Turkey Is Still A Very Desirable Place To Live
We spoke at length about why Istanbul was still so popular earlier but much of what we said goes for Turkey has a whole. Despite the coup attempt Turkish property is still highly desirable to many people. 

And you don’t just have to take our word for it, figures released by the Turkish Statistical Institute in October revealed that new house sales increased by almost 18% year-on-year in September. In total 108,918 new units were sold, with cities like Antalya and Istanbul proving to be the most popular locations for foreign investors.

Turkey’s Population Is Ideal For Investors
With a total population of around 79 million Turkey has the unusual distinction of around half its population being under the age of 31. This gives it the largest youth population compared with the EU and considering that younger couples or professionals are the most prevalent buyers or renters of property this makes Turkey again an ideal investment opportunity. 

Loan Help
Mortgage rates in Turkey have been cut a lot in recent months due to President Ergogan urging Turkey’s banks to help towards economic revival and growth after the coup attempt. Many of Turkey’s biggest lenders complied with this and have slashed mortgage rates for potential buyers. This means there is some great deals to be had for the savvy property investor.
Isbank and Akbank which are some of Turkey’s largest banks by market value are just two of the banks that have cut their mortgage rates in the last few months. Akbank for example have actually cut their mortgage rates twice in the last three months alone.

The EU Customs Union
While Turkey’s relationship with the EU isn’t always viewed in a positive light when you look at the customs union that Turkey as had with the EU since 1996 then you can see that Turkey’s business infrastructure is indeed very strong. This is further aided by the 27 free trade agreements (FTA’s) Turkey also currently holds. In short this boosts Turkey’s economy even further which is a big plus for any property investors.

The Location
It could be argued that Turkey’s biggest advantage for investors comes for a completely natural reason. It is after all the place where the East and West meet and acts as a natural bridge between both the East-West and North-South axes. This gives it immediate access to over 1.5 billion potential customers and easy access to multiple markets. Considering Turkey’s reach and easy access to all these markets it makes it a very attractive place for property investors.

Increased Flexibility
The short term residence permit for Turkey increased from one year to two earlier this year which now gives you much more flexibility if you want to live in Turkey or your home country, it makes coming and going much easier and you won’t constantly feel like you’re on a tight time limit.
To make things even easier there’s no restrictions on this residence permit so you can still safely and legally deal with everything you need to when buying, selling or renting property.

YellAli Can Help!
Yes YellAli can really help you in all sorts of ways and our Foreigner Center service includes a variety of services that can help property investors. This includes a relocation service and an in-depth property service that includes both legal property management and a consultancy service. We can even help you with real estate appraisal and property valuation as well. Find out more by visiting the YellAli Foreigner Center today!

Written by David VARTY - YellAli

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