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How to make your business grow in Turkey

5th December 2016

Setting up your business in Turkey gives you access to a huge amount of potential customers from Turkey and beyond. Turkey’s location, quite literally being the place where the east and west meet gives it a number of advantages that Turkish businesses can use to grow their business and attract more custom

But how do you make your business grow in Turkey? Let’s take a look at some ways you can make your business more successful and examine Turkish business etiquette to find out more. 


The Personal Connection

Unlike the UK to give just one example business in Turkey is less transactional and more personal, so you need to know how to build connections with people. This includes customers and clients as well as others in the business sector. 


Be Adaptable 

This is a good rule for doing business anywhere in the world but especially in Turkey where the situation can change quickly. Turks are used to a business word that can change rapidly without much warning so if you want your business to grow you must learn to adapt quickly and be able to thrive off the changing business world. 

Turkey Is More Than Istanbul 

Or Ankara ect, while these places me be big centres for Turkish businesses remember they aren’t the only areas in Turkey so you shouldn’t focus all your time solely on the big cities. Turkey is home to many different people and cultures so if you want your business to thrive and grow you need to know how to make it appeal to a wide spectrum of people. 


Take Things Slow

Or at least slow down a little, business in Turkey will likely run at a slower pace than what you might be used to. Don’t expect to get all your meeting done in one or two days or rush through things and expect it all to work out. Remember business in Turkey is about building relationships with people and you can’t do that if you rush, while it might take a little while for growth to show it will often be much stronger and secure when it does. 


Don’t Forget The Foreigners 

Turkey is home to a wide variety of people and this includes foreigners and while you might think they stick to just the big cities, you can find foreigners all around Turkey and they an important part of any businesses growth potential. So don’t forget about them as they can really help your business grow. 

Turkey’s Population Is Younger Than You May Think

When people picture Turkey they likely think of retiring couples or older people but this is a view that is very much not true! Over half of Turkey’s population is under 30 and very tech savvy, this means there’s huge potential for you to get your business to appeal to a younger audience and utilize social media in new and exciting ways to grow your business. 


Turkish Business Etiquette 

Business is taken very seriously in Turkey but is approached differently to many other places in the world. You likely won’t be rushing a Turkish business person to make a quick decision on something for example, it is in general taken more slowly and you should make sure you are always punctual.

Doing business in Turkey and getting your business to grow is more about building relationships with people and as such you must strive to be likeable, trustworthy and respectful at all times.   


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