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Turkish Winter Wonderland

26th December 2016

When it comes to Turkey you probably think beaches, sun and shopping. One thing that you don’t probably think is winter sports!
But there’s much more to Turkey than just the 'beaches' and a winter visit will give you a new appreciation for Turkey and everything it has to offer. Let’s take a look at some Turkish winter activities.

Fun for all the family skiing will give an amazing adrenaline rush and is a great way to experience Turkey’s beautiful natural scenery. There’s a variety of places to ski in Turkey including indoors skiing centres and skiing resorts, so whatever your budget you’ll be able to enjoy this fun and adventurous sport. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner there’s a variety of spectacular skiing slopes around Turkey that will suit everybody. 
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While it’s true that hiking can be done all year round there’s something special about hiking in the winter, any experienced hiker will tell you that the winter really brings out something special in hiking. And a winter hike around Turkey is something you’ll no doubt enjoy, the beautiful natural scenery is even more splendid and you have plenty of hiking trails to choose from. For veterans, beginners, groups and more there’s a variety of hiking trails to suit everyone so get your boots on a grab your coat because you’ve got a hike ahead of you.
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The more adrenaline driven alternative to skiing snowboarding is ideal for people of all ages and is a fun activity for groups of friends and families. The Kackar Mountains found in the Black Sea region of Turkey is one of the most popular snowboarding locations in all of Turkey and racing around the slopes of the mountain is something no one will ever forget.

Horse Riding 
Sapanca Lake is particularly popular for its winter horse riding experience but it’s far from the only place in Turkey offering this amazing winter activity. Horse riding around Turkey during the winter months will give you a brand new appreciation for the country and give you some amazing photography opportunities. Many horse riding centres also run riding courses during the winter so if you’ve always wanted to try horse riding then winter is perfect time to start.

Other Great Reasons To Visit
Apart from the amazing winter activities available in Turkey’s 18 skiing centres, hiking trails and much more there’s a variety of other reasons why winter is the ideal time to visit Turkey. It’s quieter which is perfect for people who want to avoid crowds, it’s cheaper which is ideal for people looking to experience Turkey on a budget and it gives you the chance to experience a whole new side to Turkey.

So why not take a break from the beach and try Turkey during the winter instead? .

Written by David VARTY - YellAli

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