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8 Tips for booking your online Turkish Residence Permit Application

3rd January 2017

Are you trying to complete your Turkish residence permit application by yourself? And is it driving you mad with errors and glitches? ……
Are you going to pay someone else to do it for you? NO, ok let’s push on and see what else you can do…

Find your error below:-

1. Can’t book an appointment – (Istanbul) If you continue to receive the message ‘An available day/time could not be found for the Automatic Appointment!!!’ You may try any or all of the following;

- Select a different ‘Place of Appointment’ (If you can't select your own district, you may have no other option other than trying another district – According to the migration dept. if this is your only option you may proceed)
- Try on another device or Internet Connection
- Try at less busier times of the day i.e very early in the morning/ or very late in the evening
- Keep trying – We know it’s difficult but you have to keep trying and persevere OR engage professional support.
- Last option. If it’s the last day of your residence permit or visa validity and still no appointment can be obtained you should take a screen shot of the error message on and make a declaration in writing that the system does not give you an appointment and you would like to obtain a new appointment. Please take this to your nearest migration dept. and they will give you a manual appointment. (According to the Authorities this is your options)

2. Can’t Book Appointment or print the form (Renewal/Extension)The buttons are all ‘grey’.
You may try any or all of the following;
- Re-check health insurance expiry date, as this date must be the actual expiry date of the policy.
- Delete the foreigners identity number, Once logged in, it’s located on the first page ‘Personal information 1’ (sometimes the system detects these numbers as being incorrect and will not let you proceed)
- Log on to the Turkish version of as some error/warning messages the system provides may not be visible on the foreign versions of the website.
- Change the photo format – If the photo is too small/too large or doesn’t use the standard .png .jpeg file format this may cause problems too.

3. Can’t change the Application information – If you have already booked your appointment and now want to change your information, this will not be possible. However you may either delete your application and start again or instruct the officer of the mistake at the time of interview.

4. Can’t login to change your information – Please double check your information carefully and note the exact application number i.e 2016-55-1234567 (remember those dashes!)
Or if it’s a renewal application try inputting your foreigner’s identity number instead of your passport number.

5. Can’t pay online – If the button for ‘Make Payment’ is grey or inactive, you may pay your fees either to the Tax office, At interview (Fatih, Istanbul) or to an authorized government bank. Please see link.

6. No option for an appointment (Renewal/Extension) – If you have completed your application and only have one option to ‘Print the Application Form’, this means you may send your documents via post. The address where you must send the documents will be shown on the application form.

7. Can’t register your Renewal/Extension Application – If the system doesn’t recognize you and you know the correct information has been provided, the last option available is; ‘Lodge an application for residence permit for first time’ i.e start the application as a first time applicant. If you are unsure whether to do this, we advise you to speak to the migration dept.

8. Can’t continue with Application once logged into – Please try again with another browser. Google Chrome or Firefox (latest versions) these browsers are most compatible with

Have you got a tip you would like to share? Please comment below…

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