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5 things to do in Fethiye during winter

20th October 2013

Fethiye is a bustling town and there are plenty of activities to do during the summer months, but what about when the season is over?  What options are available during the winter months in Fethiye? 

Curl up next to your sober, hibernate and wait until April?....

Perhaps and it’s not such a bad idea during those cold and stormy days. But don’t forget there are plenty of other activities to do during the wintertime in Fethiye.

Here are a few things you might like to check out….

1. Go exploring!.... There is plenty of hiking & walking trails to explore and places to see when the weather is cooler.

For instance; ‘Kayaköy Ghost town’, ‘Kayaköy to Ölüdeniz walking trail’, ‘The Lycian Tombs’ (located in the hills of central Fethiye) or why not take a walk along Ölüdeniz beach – Ölüdeniz is great in winter, it’s not over crowded & you don’t get heat exhaustion from walking 2 minutes on the hot sand (like you do in July)

2. Cookery Courses – Learn how to prepare Turkish food like a pro. 

If you want to learn the secrets behind delicious Turkish food, then why not try a 1-day course? After some quick research online, I found a company in Kayaköy that offer 1-day Turkish cookery courses. - 

It may not help your waistline, but who cares, it’s winter!

3. Have a Night out on the town – For a livelier atmosphere, head over to the Car Cemetery in Fethiye Centrum for drinks & live music… The Car Cemetery is always bustling with people and with the great mix of age, nationalities & music you won’t be disappointed …

I certainly wasn’t. - Busiest time: from 10:30pm

4. Try Skiing at Saklikent Ski Centre
Now this one is a bit of a ‘wild card’, as not everyone has the equipment or skills needed for Skiing, but don’t fret, you really don’t need to be a skiing pro to try the slopes at Saklikent Ski Centre.

FACTS : Saklikent is located on the slopes of Beydaglar mountain range at 2000 meters.

The skiing area is at an altitude of 1850 meters and the ski season is short. The thickness of the snow is about 50 to 100cm.

5. Learn Turkish – Try to learn something new this winter…. even if it's just brushing up your Turkish language skills…

You never know, by next summer you could be fluent… that’ll impress your friends back home! I found this website helpful, , but you can always take one-to-one classes or group lessons in Fethiye.

Bonus activity:- Shopping! (My apologies to the male readers) 
A Shopping trip to TerraCity, Antalya – Ok strictly speaking this is not in Fethiye, but only a 2 ½ hour journey and you’ll be in one of Turkey’s best Shopping malls, they have everything from ‘Marks & Spencer’ to ‘Zara’, ‘Mango’ and even ‘Watsons’ (An equivalent of Superdrug) for that ‘shopping high’ you should definitely take a trip to Antalya.

So the next time anyone asks, “"What do you do in winter?” and  “Don't you get bored?" – you can smile and say; I love winter in Fethiye because I have so many places all to myself :)

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