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Valentine's Day in Turkey

13th February 2017

Valentine's Day is a relative newcomer to Turkey. It was popularized by the men's magazine "Erkekçe" in the mid-80s. Turks know Valentine's Day by the name "Sevgililer Günü" which literally means "Lovers Day."

That is, while the origins of the holiday in the West are traced back to a Christian martyr, in Turkey, the holiday exists solely in a romantic context.

U.S. greeting card manufacturers offer Valentine's Day cards for Grandparents and kids and all sorts of potential recipients. You just can't do that sort of thing in Turkey. Before you even think about saying "Sevgililer Günün Kutlu Olsun" to a Turk, you better make sure there is indeed a romantic relationship between you and the recipient. If the intended recipient is a woman, you also better make sure that the greeting is not going to be taken as a sign you think that she is "easy."

A variation that sounds somewhat sweeter is "Sevgililer Günümüz Kutlu Olsun" which literally translates as "may our Lovers' Day be happy." That is, instead of wishing that your partner have a happy Valentine's Day, you are wishing one for both of you together. All the same precautions about being on the same page regarding this newly fashionable special day in Turkey apply here as well.



aşkım     my love
canım     my life
bi tanem     my only one
hayatım     my life
sevgilim     my darling
balım     my honey
tatlım     my sweety (used for girls)
güzelim     my beautiful (used for girls)
çiçeğim     my flower (used for girls)
gülüm     my rose (used for girls)
meleğim     my angel (used for girls)

Common love phrases in Turkish :

Turkish     English
Seni seviyorum.     I love you.
Seni çok seviyorum.     I love you so much.
Senden çok hoşlanıyorum.     I like you very much.
Benimle çıkar mısın?     Would you like to go out with me?
Benimle dans eder misin?     Would you like to dance with me?
Benimle evlenir misin?     Will you marry me?
Evlenme teklifi.     Marriage proposal.
Nişanlı     Fiancee
Rüyalarımın erkeğisin/kadınısın. You are the man/woman of my dreams.
Seninle olmak istiyorum.     I want to be with you.
Seninle kalmak istiyorum.     I want to stay with you.
Seni çok özlüyorum.     I am missing you very much.
Seni çok özledim.     I missed you very much.
Biraz daha kalabilir misin?     Can you stay a little longer?
Seni bir daha ne zaman göreceğim?     When will I see you next?
Bir yerlerde buluşalım.     Let’s meet somewhere.
Seni görmek istiyorum.     I want to see you.
Çok güzelsin.     You are very beautiful.

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