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Adapt to your new life in Turkey like a pro!

2nd March 2017

Living in Turkey, a new country can be challenging at first and adapting to your new home can be easier for some. But even the most adaptable person in the world will probably still face a few problems now and again. But don’t worry your friends at YellAli are on hand to help you with our great range of Turkey advice and tips.

Embrace The Changes
Life in a new country is not going to be the same as life in your home country, every expat knows this and is prepared for it. But when you actually find yourself facing those cultural differences and quirks it can be difficult to adapt.

The best bit of advice we can give you is to just embrace them! Take Turkish time for example if you’re a punctual person who always likes to show up on time dealing with Turkish time could be difficult. But just embrace it yourself and you’ll discover that it’s not so bad after all, spend an extra few minutes in bed or having a coffee and best of all there’s no rushing. SEE OUR VİDEO Living in Turkey

Be Patient With Yourself And Others
Adapting to your new life in Turkey could take a few weeks or a few months there’s no one rule, it will happen subtly that you probably won’t even notice it. So be patient with yourself feelings of doubt after making such a big move are natural but try not to pay them any mind and instead focus on the positives.

Don’t worry if you’re not totally in love with your new home life straight away either, you have to be patient and let yourself settle in. At the same time you’ll have to be patient with other people as well, expect questions from people you come across. The Turkish people are naturally very curious and while you might find some to be abrupt they don’t mean to be. In time you’ll both get used to each other and you’ll probably have made friends with many Turks as well.

Get out of your house or apartment and explore the streets! You can’t adapt to your new life in Turkey if you hide yourself away, so go and explore the shops and markets or the beach or pretty much anywhere.

You’ll find new places to visit and could even make some new friends, the internet and Turkish travels guides are also a great resource for finding areas of interest. Visiting places like museums and galleries are also a great idea for learning more about Turkish culture and history, it might sound odd but playing tourist for a little while can really help you adapt. Explore Turkey HERE

Remind Yourself Of Your Old Home
Feeling homesick after moving to a new country is perfectly natural, even after living in a new country for years suddenly feeling homesick is still very possible. And that’s fine but don’t dwell on it, instead bring a little bit of your old life with you! There’s many ways you could do this from simply looking at some old photographs to having a Skype call with Mum and Dad or chatting to a friend on the phone.

Another great tip is to find a product from your home country in Turkey even if it’s something small like the same brand of chocolate bar it can really help. It might take some searching and you might even have to order it in from abroad in the end but it will really help you adapt to your new life.

Learn the Language
The best advice we can give you is to learn some Turkish! Just some basic phrases will help you so much in your day to day life, while many people do speak English in Turkey the preferred language for the majority of people will be Turkish. Learning some Turkish won’t just make communication easier though it will also help you socialise with people.

You could use a language or phrase book, a language app, YouTube videos or even attend a class or hire a tutor. There’s many ways you can go about learning some Turkish and it’s guaranteed to help you adapt to living in your new home. 

Written by David Varty - YellAli Content Team

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