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Overview : Hiring Workers in Turkey

10th April 2017

If you own a company in Turkey or will establish a company in Turkey, you may be considering employing local staff.

Please see our guide below:-

The national minimum wage which is 1777,50 TL gross for locals (companies can not pay below this figure)

If foreigners are employed the salary should be multiplied. For example if you employ an engineer; the salary can not be lower than 4 X  =7110 TL gross on a monthly basis. For a project manager and senior manager 6,5 X 1777,50 = 11553,75 TL

In addition to this, you should have at least 5 turkish employees. (1 to 5 ratio)


SSI Premium
In Turkey the SSI Premium for the employer is 20,50 % and 14 % for the employees.  There is also unemployment insurance for the employer and employee 2 % and 1 % respectively.

Also 13331,40  TL gross  salary figure is the max limit for SSI calculations. If the gross salary is above that; the SSI Premiums will be calculated from 13331,40 TL threshold.

When you do your SSI payments on time the Turkish government offers 5% discount as an intencive.

Working Hours in Turkey
Normal working hours is 45 hours a week in Turkey and above that needs to be counted as overtime. Please note that normal and Sunday holiday  overtime needs to mutiplied by 1.5 times normal hourly salary and if it is a public holiday; these hours need to be multiplied by 2 times normal hourly salary. 


The employee will be covered with SGK insurance and their SSI work start procedure during their service for the company. It is not obligation to provide private health insurance.

Employees will be entitled to have an annual paid holiday after working for a year time.

Annual paid leave time for the employees  as follows.

Length of Service                          Minimum Leave   Period
1 to 5 years (included)                   14 working days
5 to 15 years                                    20 working days
15 years (included) or longer         26 working days
Younger then  18 years                  minimum 20 days


If an employee want to leave the job ,he/she needs to provide a resignation letter which should be written with his/her handwriting and also show the date. Please do not let them use ready forms this letter should be Handwritten by an employee. During this situation company does not have pay anything apart from their working days salary.

If you would like to terminate an employee contract and do not want to pay their notice payment you should let them know beforehand and give them a written notice letter.

Please find notice time for the employees as follows .

Required minimum notification periods for employers and employees:
0 - 6 months - 2 weeks

6 - 18 months - 4 weeks

18 - 36 months - 6 weeks

more than 36 months - 8 weeks

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