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Dealing with dishonest tradesmen in Turkey - 10 signs they’re bad news

12th April 2017

How can you tell if the guy you’ve hired to repair your home is a legitimate registered trader? 

Watch out for the warning signs and look out for tradesmen’s who…


1. Offer very cheap quotes or estimates, as this could be an indication that they are a ‘rogue trader’ or not experienced enough to give accurate figures

2. Are reluctant to put a quote or estimate in writing

3. Are unable to provide a reference from previous clients

4. Are too eager to start the job straight away – fraudster builders and traders will often carry out lots of work in one area before moving out of the area altogether. They will leave very poor or unfinished work behind and are impossible to track down.

5. Are hesitant to offer you details about their business – for example if they are registered and where that is.

6. Ask for money up front – a trustworthy builder will not ask for money upfront, and if they do and you agree to this, it will just be a small deposit.

7. Only accept cash – they could be acting dishonestly by saving on paying out for KDV (tax). 

8.Don’t want to sign a contract – If they do not want to enter into any contracts with you then you should be suspicious.

9. Never use a tradesman who cold calls.

10. They will not provide you with their valid KDV number; all registered companies and small business/sole traders have a KDV (TAX) number.


So what can you do about it?

Always find out if your trader is registered at either the Chamber of Commerce (Ticaret ve sanayi odası) or the Sole Trader Registration (Esnaf Odası).

Get a quote

Always get a quote for the job first and be really specific about what you expect to be included. 



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