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Finding Reliable Traders in Turkey - Direct advice from foreigners living in Turkey!

2nd May 2017

We have encouraged our YellAli members to share their horror stories with us of rogue traders in Turkey.

Here are some examples of feedback we have received , which in turn will help other expats who are looking for reliable tradesmen in Turkey.

Recommendation, Recommendation, Recommendation!
In the 12 years i have been here I have used people by recommendation and always checked work they did for others. Never pay up front, except maybe for materials but then we see samples and specify what we want used and sometimes even buy it ourselves
Lindsey D. (location Unknown)

Ten years ago we purchased a house for cash. We were to receive a Tapu within a couple of months. I believe the Tapu exists but in the name of the Landowner! We are still waiting!!!!
Gill S. - Kusadasi

Unknown Locals!
My advice is to never employ the services of a trader you don’t know. I used a local plumber from our village - Big Mistake! He was greedy, slow and did an awful job at our villa home in Uzumlu. From now on I only use those who have been recommended and get everything written down!
J. Summers - Fethiye

MY RULE IN EMPLOYING A TRADEMAN - Is very simple Employ somebody who is local to where you live and you know. We live in Avsallar and got to know many Trades whom I employ and generally do a wonderful Job. On a couple of occasions we had small problems due to misunderstanding Language.
IMPORTANT that Everybody always come on TIME . because they know if you do not arrive on time I employ somebody else and miss out on a tip.
Regardless if they turn up 2 hours later to late got somebody else. How many times have you heard I am on my way. By the way lived here 12 years.
Bless the Tradesmen little Hearts
Great Web Site.

Feedback about our Trader Articles -
I read with interest your stories about experiences with tradesmen in Turkey. As you mentioned, this can happen anywhere in the world. However, in many other countries you are able to make the bad trademens' names and addresses visible. This will alert other customers to avoid such bad tradesmen. May I suggest that Yell Ali publishes the names of such tradesmen.
Before I book a table at a restaurant or book a hotel, I always read the reviews on It is all transparent with name of restaurant and hotel.
It is easy to rate a restaurant or hotel on, so why not let your customers write a review on Yell Ali about their experiences of tradesmen including names and addresses.
Kind regards,
Ole O. (location Unknown) - Thank you Ole, All shall be revealed soon!

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At YellAli we are seeking out the great traders across Turkey!
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