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Heat Tolerant Plants - Garden Plants That Will Survive the Turkish Weather

19th July 2017

Prepare your Turkish garden for the hot summer temperatures by choosing the right plants that are super tolerant to extreme heat of Turkey.

1. Ateş Çiçeği (also known as 'Salvia splendens')

Salvia splendens is a tender herbaceous perennial native to Brazil, (also available in Turkey) growing at 2,000 to 3,000 m elevation and enjoy warm weather with high humidity. The native plant, rarely seen in cultivation, reaches 1.3 m tall (Wikipedia)

Ateş Çiçeği

Ateş Çiçeği

2. Gaura (Commonly known as 'Beeblossom')

Gaura is a genus of flowering plants in the family Onagraceae, native to North America. (also available in Turkey) The genus includes many species known commonly as beeblossoms (Wikipedia)


3. Kadife çiçeği (commonly known as Marigold)

Marigolds have daisy-like or double, carnation-like flowerheads and are produced singly or in clusters. There are some 50 species, here is the most popular:

    Tagetes erecta are the tallest and most upright, at three to five feet. They are sometimes known as African, or American, marigolds. They thrive under hot, dry conditions.

Kadife çiçeği

Kadife çiçeği

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