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5 Ways To Pest Proof Your Home in Turkey

20th July 2017

Pest proof your Home & Garden against Snakes, Mosquitos, Rats, Ants and more—(Some without toxic chemicals)

Because no one likes dealing with Snakes, Mosquitos, Rats, Ants, and other insects inside & outside their home.

After all the best way of handling insects and other pests in your home is keeping them out in the first place by thoroughly pest proofing your house!

Bayer Blattanex Karınca granulu (For Ants) ⬇
This low-toxic and effective insecticide powder is ideal for the control of ants. It comes in a convenient, ready-to-use pack, making it easy to get to those hard to reach spaces.    

The product can be applied by sprinkling into the cracks, crevices, holes, corners, recesses and other storage areas.

Within 2 weeks of application, ant colon is completely controlled.

Lancet Pasta Formu Fare Yemleri (Rat & Mouse Poison) ⬇
This poison is very quick-acting for Rats & Mouse.

CHRYSAMED Haşerelere Etkili İnsektisit (Kills Insects & Bugs, including Mosquito's)⬇
The usage area is very wide ...
Sites, Apartments, Hotels, Vacation, Homes, Businesses, hospitals, military units, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, Bakery, Supermarkets, Schools, Campuses, Dormitories, barracks, gardens, balconies and terraces, camping and picnic areas, animal shelters and farms etc.
It is used in all indoor and outdoor areas.

NON-TOXIC - Yılan-Sürüngen Kovucu Doğal Granül - (BIRD-X Natural Defence for Snakes, Scorpions etc)⬇
All Bird-X Products are provided by KOVMATİK Service and Service. (Can be purchased from the Internet)

Food-compatible biodegradable granule with taste-spoiling properties; Specially formulated for snake and similar reptiles.

Practices include: meadows, lawns, cultivated land, garden, building premises and many other places.
• It is made of 100% organic, organic products and does not contain harmful chemical substances.
• Once a week it is enough to sprinkle the animals around places.
• It does not create any pollution.
• You can use it safely in areas with children and pets.
• It is a patented product and does not harm plants.
• Rain and the card will not disappear and will not diminish their effect.

Uses: house, garage, vineyard, garden, field, greenhouse, work places and similar places.

Coverage: As required, 50 lbs (22,673 kg) is sufficient for an area of ​​12,140 m².
Smaller packaged products are also available.

Harmful: Snake and similar reptiles. (Repels over 20 animals)

 K-OTHRİNE  SC 50 - (For houseflies, cockroaches in the Home)⬇With its highly effective Delthamethrin active ingredient, the "flush-out" feature, along with fast knockdown and killing, provides effective control in a short period of time by removing stray pests from their storage locations.

The SC formulation is not absorbed by the surface to which it is applied and provides a longer retention than other liquid formulations.

It is water-based and does not contain solvents and oils that damage surfaces.

Does not cause environmental pollution (Biodegradable)

Low application is economical with the desire.

Impact duration is minimum 2 months.


Surface spraying is done with mixture prepared by diluting with water at suitable doses against pests such as houseflies, mosquitoes and cockroaches in the indoor area, back pulverizer pumps, hand sprayers or filigrees.

Field of application: Indoor and outdoor areas

NOTE: You may choose to use the services of a professional Pest Control company who have advanced chemical pest-control sprays - Contact Find A Trader to find a local Pest Control Company.


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