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Simple Ideas To Secure Your Home In Turkey

26th July 2017

Before you invest money in expensive home security systems take a good look around your villa or apartment in Turkey. A few simple low cost measures can significantly deter a thief from targeting or getting into your home.




1) Light up the outside space of your home. Security lighting around your home gives you much more of a chance to be overlooked by a burglar, a dark home is a vulnerable home.

 Install motion sensor lighting, one at each entry point of your home.




2) Secure all windows. Sash jammers are a great and inexpensive way of securing your windows or doors.

Use door and window locks. It costs nothing and takes little energy. Make it a habit to lock every door and window when leaving, after entering, and before bedtime.







 3) doors - Security bar. These easy to install slidding security bars can be applied to all main entry doors aswell as internal doors.



 4) Keyless entry system - Unlike the traditional door lock system, keypad door locks do not have any use for keys.
This door lock system uses a technology which makes it difficult for intruders to enter a house.



 5) Secure slidding doors. Sliding-glass doors have a latch to close them but are often an easy point of entry for burglars. To make them more secure, place a safety bar in the interior floor track.



 6) Iron - decrative and secure iron window gates. For those looking to keep intruders out of their homes, iron bars on windows or gates on doors can help do the job.



 7) Foreboding signs - Put up signs wrote in Turkish warning off potential thiefs.

Security company signs or window stickers near all entry points - whether you have a security system or not.

'Beware of the dog' signs - even if you do not own a dog.






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