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How to keep your Turkish home cool in the summer and warm in the winter

26th July 2017

Heat/cool pump systems

For those who own a property in Turkey, whether it is to live in or just visit, it is important to have a reliable, efficient solution for heating and cooling.

Many regions of Turkey do not have natural gas pipelines so heat pumps can offer a good alternative solution for heating/cooling ones property.

A heat pump works as a central heating and cooling system, it uses the outside air to both heat a home in winter and cool it in summer.

The pumps move heat from one place to another. Even in air that seems cold, heat energy is present. When it’s cold outside, heat pumps extract outside heat and transfer it inside. When it’s warm outside, they reverse this process to push unwanted heat outside.







What are the main advantages of installing heat pumps into your home in Turkey

Powerful but energy efficient
Incredibly quiet
Perfect for warming large living spaces
Ability to heat at very low temperatures
Ability to cool


How is a heat pump installed?

For a standard air source system, the typical process involves installing an outdoor unit (usually at the base of your house), and indoor air handler in place of your old furnace, updates to your existing duct work, connecting refrigerant lines, electrical, and electronic thermostat(s). The whole process usually takes 2 to 3 days from start to finish, depending on the complexity of your situation.










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