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12 surprising facts about Turkey that you did not know

27th July 2017

1) Turkey or Türkiye (Land of the Turks) was not officially used until the republic was established in 1923

2) Money originates from Turkey
 The first coins ever made were minted in Turkey at Sardis, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lydia, at the end of the seventh century B.C. The coins featured a lion’s head

3) Turkey has been producing wine since 4000 B.C

4) The Turkish Mediterranean resort city of Antalya holds the world record for having the highest number of “Blue Flag” certified beaches in the world, awarded for highest water quality, beach cleanliness, and highest environmental standards

5) Turkey has welcomed the most Jewish refugees during persecution.
In the 16th century Turkey was one of the few countries to give refuge to Jews fleeing Spain during the Inquisition.

6) Military bands originate from Turkey
Ottoman military bands are the oldest variety of military marching bands in the world; starting in the late 1200s the musicians would accompany soldiers into battle to help rouse the Ottoman troops.

7) Biblical Abraham, the poet Homer, St Paul the Apostle, Aesop and his fables and the father of history himself, good old Herodotus were all said to be born in Turkey.

8) The Ottoman Empire lasted nearly 700 years and spanned three continents, controlling much of Southeastern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa.

9) Jelly beans started as an American version of the “Turkish Delight” (lokum).

10) The oldest known human city is Çatalhöyük in Turkey, which shows signs of settlement from the 7th century B.C.

11) The Turks invented parchment (paper made out of calfskin)
This is largely due to the fact that the Egyptians stopped exporting papyrus to Pergamum, Turkey, they were afraid that Pergamum’s library would become larger than the library at Alexandria, the world’s largest at the time.

12) Most Turks did not have surnames until a law was passed requiring it in 1934. The most common last names in Turkey are Yılmaz (never gives up, undaunted), Kaya (rock), Demir (iron), Şahin (falcon or hawk), and Çelik (steel)






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