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16 ways you know you’ve become Turkish

4th August 2017

1) You refuse to buy any electrical item without first seeing that it works.

2) you have started to answer every question by repeating evet,evet, var,var, hayir,hayir.

3) You have embraced eating olives for breakfast.

4) You always order the largest beer (efes) because its just one lira more.

5) You don’t say ok, you say tamam.

6) The entrance to your house looks like a shoe store.

7) You expect your lemon soaked wet wipe at the end of every meal.

8)You find it normal for motorcyclists and cars to drive in the wrong direction on one-way roads.

9) You have great respect and admiration for Ataturk.

10) You love to eat aubergine.

11) You have bread with every meal.

12) You cannot finish a Turkish coffee without reading your fortune at the bottom of your up-turned coffee cup.

13) Yoghurt, pickled peppers and olives accompany every meal.

14) You haggle the price of every item you want to buy.

15) You eat lentil soup after a night out drinking.

16) You cannot park without a complete stranger on the street helping you by shouting out ‘gel gel gel’.





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