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You may not know it – but don’t do this in Turkey

8th August 2017

For most of us we all know the general rules of etiquette while in Turkey, do not insult the Turkish flag, do not insult Ataturk, dont go into someones home with out first asking if you should remove your shoes. But what else should you know as a foreigner in Turkey.

Don’t call someone a peach

Turkish piç – Translation – Bastard

Careful how you say the English word ‘peach’ you don’t want to be at your local market ordering a kilo of 'bastards' rather than the delicious 'peaches' you actually wanted.

Queuing – Don’t bother

There is no point in standing at the back of the scrum trying to form an orderly queue, bunch in with the rest of them.

Don’t be surprised if you see two grown men holding hands or linking arms – It is perfectly normal for straight men in Turkey to link arms while walking down the street.
For Turkish people it is considered odd to not be this intimate with everyone you know.

Try not to say ‘um’
Turkish ‘Am’ pronounced ‘um’ translates to a very rude offensive word (Rhymes with Runt)

PDA’s (public displays of affection) just get a room – Turkish people don’t French kiss in public, this is regarded as rude and offensive.

Don’t be cheap

There’s no such thing as going Dutch in Turkey.
If you invite someone for dinner then you pay the bill. In Turkish protocol of hospitality it dictates that the host always pays for the meal.

Don’t be offended by a Turk tutting while nodding their head upwards

In western culture generally a ‘tut’ is seen as expressing disapproval or annoyance but in Turkey this gesture just means ‘no’.

Don’t expect cars to stop for you at pedestrian crossings

Cars do not stop at pedestrian crossings in Turkey, if you need to cross the road wait until the traffic clears or follow the lead of the nearest Turkish person.








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