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Regulations For Making Changes To An Apartment /Outside Area in Turkey

12th September 2017

For apartment owners in Turkey there are general rules and regulations regarding alterations to the building or garden areas within an apartment complex. Even if you own the land outside your apartment you will still need a modification license and in some cases agreements from your neighbours, to make changes to this area.

You should consult your local municipality or the building firm before starting construction.

If you do not get the correct permission from the local authorities you could incur a fine or receive an order to take down your modification and return the area back to its original state.
Documents required for renovation;
The requested documents vary from municipality to municipality and building type. However, the documents requested in general terms are as follows:

Deed Registration Certificate

Zoning Status Diameter: The construction order, the floor adobe, the fringe level, the distance from the roads and neighbouring parcels.

Architectural projects, static projects, electrical and plumbing projects, drawings and calculations, sketches.

Depending on the municipality and the type of renovation, the following documents may also be requested
Project Owners Registry Documents

Contractor Registry

Apartment Decision Book 

Statement of Commitment (Notarized)

If the licenses and attachments of the municipalities are examined and found missing and inaccurate, they shall issue a renewal license within 30 days from the date of application. If missing or incorrect, the applicant will be notified and written in writing within 15 days of the application date. After the missing and wrongs are fixed, a renewal license is given within 15 days after the application to be made.


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